LIVE: Girl Blue @ The Supper Club at The Hollow, 10/9/2020

Guthrie Bell Productions and The Hollow Bar + Kitchen in Albany brought an innovated approach to the pastime of “dinner theater” with a new series called Supper Club. It’s not your typical night out at The Hollow which knows how to pack in crowds of over 300 people for their reputable food menu or live music shows. Supper Club gives diners a chance to experience a 3 course dinner as well showcasing local musicians with this week featuring Girl Blue. This event was maxed at 30 guests with tables for two or four and sold out on night one. The venue carried out many safety precautions such as all guests had to do temperature checks upon arrival, provide contact information for tracing, wear masks when not seated and were seated 6 feet apart.

The dinner menu is prepared by Rising Star Chef Winner, Harley Bleitzhofer and his team, as a new menu is revealed with each new Supper Club event. This week’s 3 course dinner started with a smoked roasted red pepper hummus platter with house marinated olives, grilled naan and perfectly toasted crostini. The main course was a classic Chicken Marsala with a choice of organic chicken or vegan “chik’n” filet, sauteed in a delicious marsala wine sauce similar to gravy that I happily blended with the mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. Dessert was a rich and chewy dark chocolate brownie paired with the lightest whipped cream that beautifully melted all over it. The Hollow and their waitstaff lived up to their reputation of excellent food, service and social distancing measures.

This week’s musical guest at Supper Club was local singer and songwriter, Arielle O’Keefe or better know as Girl Blue. Accompanied with an electric guitar that gave her a rock and roll edge, she wasted no time showing off her wide vocal range and impressive sharp crescendos. She thanked the fans and especially directed gratitude for The Hollow, the venue where she had her first show and has supported her since day one. Girl Blue demonstrates excellent control of her voice as she moves from belting out vocals to sing talking her lyrics adding in subtle laughs. She’s expressive, emotional and romantic in the saddest yet best way. A special treat was her slightly haunting cover of Neil Young’s “Unknown Legend.” One of her most popular songs, “Fire Under Water” typically is a thunderous anthem of a song but as an acoustic piece, she sounds elegantly vulnerable, drawing the audience in with her soft whispers. Greeted with loud applause, she jokes “this beats wearing sweatpants.”

Girl Blue shares that new music is coming with a full length album complete with awesome band energy that fans know and love. One of her new songs (that was released Friday) is called “The Woods”, it draws inspiration from couples in horror movies which at first sounds bizarre but after listening, you realize there’s a beauty in the breakdown. Her songs are full of relatable one liners, catchy lyrics of angst, heartache and hope mixed with comforting melodies. She acknowledges that most of her songs are “downers” but she generally is an optimistic and happy person. Girl Blue ended her set with “Call Me Home” and encouraged guests to sing along making for the sweetest lullaby.

Supper Club is a gentle nudge towards the “new-normal” for communities and industries who are eager to support each other. Tickets are available on The Hollow website or Guthrie Bell Productions Facebook

Photo Gallery by Jim Gilbert

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