Caffe Lena’s Update for the Week of November 2nd

The challenge was to raise $50,000 by October 31, and the Foulke Charitable Fund pledged to match the gifts 100%. Many, Many of you stepped forward to help! And then came a big surprise. You completed the challenge before our big fundraising concert with Sawyer Fredericks! We wanted Sawyer’s fans to have the opportunity to have their donations matched, so we went back to the Foulke Fund and asked them to raise the challenge to $60,000. They agreed enthusiastically! And by the end of Sawyer’s concert on Oct 25, $60,000 was donated and the match was met. 

Then, folks, a second surprise. Last summer we applied for a big grant from Live Music Society, a nonprofit that stepped forward to save small venues from closing. We learned a little over a week ago that we were a finalist. Reese and I and our Treasurer, Kira Favro, had a wonderful conversation with two of their directors. And then we got the news that we were among 20 winners, and they will be sending us $40,0000. 

If this were a time when we could earn money by selling tickets and refreshments, that much money would likely trigger a massive new project. But right now, it simply means survival–for months to come, even if nothing changes. It means we can keep sending out live-streams every night, we can generate paychecks for musicians, we can keep our building in good condition, and we can keep our School of Music going online. You are HEROES for making this happen!!!
 -Sarah Craig, Executive Director of Caffe Lena

All shows are streamed live with three cameras & premium audio.
Limited tickets are available to attend in person.

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Monday, Nov 2 / 7 PM
Rick’s Picks Local Showcase: Mark Emanatian with
Joe Mele & Megan Houde

Rick Bolton continues to scout out the Capital District for mainstay artists, such as Mark Emanation, as well as exciting up-and-comers like Megan and Joe. Rick always adds a few songs of his own making this a laid back, delicious sampling of regional fare.

Every Tuesday / 8 PM
“Live From Caffe Lena” Radio
Griffin House Broadcast
Tune in to WEXT 97.7 / 106.1 FM

Did you miss singer-songwriter Griffin House when he played our stage on August 21? Here’s your chance to catch a full hour of his memorable acoustic pop recorded live on our stage.

Wednesday, Nov 4 / 7 PM
Jay Rogoff, Suzanne Rancourt & Mike Jurkovic

An impressive trio of poets will treat us to 90 minutes of spoken word. Jurkovic’s poetry is entwined with jazz, Rogoff has been widely published and taught at Skidmore for many years, and Rancourt draws from her Abenacki/Huron heritage as well as a commitment to art therapy.

Friday, Nov 6 / 8 PM
Nu-Soul-Jaz Trio

Chuck and Ria are popular figures in the Saratoga music scene. Chuck is renowned jazz pianist who normally tours with the Brubeck Brothers. Ria is a songwriter and singer with great groove and positive spirit. 

Saturday, Nov 7 / 8 PM
Bob Warren Trio

The first weekend in November has found singer-songwriter Bob Warren on Lena’s stage with his full band for lots of years running. This year Bob is scaling back to a trio and playing just one show for his hungry fans. His range and depth is phenomenal and we know his heart will be on his sleeve more than ever for this very special livestream from his home stage.

Sunday, Nov 8 / 7 PM
Kevin McKrell Album Release

Kevin is a Saratoga treasure, and that’s certified by his Lifetime Achievement Award from The Eddies. Funny, poignant, hearty, warm, Irish-American music that everyone loves. Kevin’s songs have been sung throughout the English-speaking world by innumerable bands. He’s a remarkable artist who Saratoga is proud to call our own. He’ll be playing with his band.

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