Shuffle Radio “50 Years of Metal” Launches with Local Roots

In November of 1988 in Upstate New York I started my first radio gig at 88.3 WVCR FM and spent a decade there. In 1991 I also found a second home at 102.3 WZRQ FM Z-ROCK.  Then spent the next few years playing in metal and hardcore bands. Made another return to the airwaves at 104.9 WZMR FM The New Edge in 2006- 2010. I turned 40 years old I decided it was time to take a break and I have missed a lot of great music. 2020 forced us all into isolation and I started digging up a lot of memories and yes, metal.  October 2020 was the perfect time to test a new metal radio show with 50 years of music to play and this hell ride has just begun!  

SHUFFLE RADIO “50 Years of metal” still in the testing and building stages, has already gained almost 3000 listeners in just 2 weeks. I am extremely grateful and know I made the right decision at 50 years old! Thank you for over 30 years of supporting my radio career or whatever came my way!

 “50 Years of Metal” Music from 1970- 2020 hosted by Ralph Renna.  Listen here everyday!  We start with metal in the morning by 8:00 am through 8:00 pm live, with less talk just metal!  7 days a week of ear-bleeding rare, live tracks, blocks, B-Sides, familiars, deep cuts, demos. All genres of Metal, Hardcore, stoner, progressive, Power metal, Punk, grind, classic, death, and even hair metal,  ALL THAT IS METAL with an endless library of music.

We are currently building our own app and website for now you may download the (mixlr) app free.  Search and follow (theshuffle), chat for requests, updates, get the full live experience, and current playlists!  Bluetooth or plugin and turn it the fuck up!

THE SHUFFLE  is a non-profit, commercial-free, uncensored, radio show produced in and broadcast out of Upstate New York. We do this for only the love of Metal and we do not own the rights to any of this music heard on this program.

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