Kyle Robinson Memorial founded in honor of passed Saint Rose music student

The Board of Directors for the Kyle Robinson Memorial Foundation (KRMF) presented the official launch of a non-profit foundation in honor of the late Kyle Robinson. Kyle was an amazing musician, producer, student, friend, brother, son, and kind soul who passed away on July 6th, 2020, in a tragic car accident. KRMF has been created to keep Kyle’s memory alive by awarding scholarships to aspiring music industry professionals. 

The organization will provide scholarships geared towards those studying music in higher education, wanting to progress in areas that include, but are not limited, to music technology, music business, composition and performance.

“The foundation is looking to sponsor students pursuing a career in the music industry, in the same way that Kyle supported and inspired us” Secretary of the Foundation, and friend of Kyle’s, Amy Branham said. In addition to providing scholarships, KRMF will be donating yearly to North Plymouth High School’s newly founded student-run recording studio, also created in honor of Kyle Robinson.

The Kyle Robinson Memorial Foundation was created by a group of students and alumni from The College of Saint Rose in Albany. Most of these students have obtained, or are working to obtain, a Bachelors of Science in Music Industry. Their passions range from music production to copyright infringement and everything in between. As close friends and classmates of Kyle Robinson, the founders of this Foundation have been motivated by Kyle’s death to uplift students who have similar passions and aspirations as themselves and their fallen friend. 

“First and foremost, we are looking to create a community. This Foundation is meant to keep the memory and spirit of Kyle alive by supporting aspiring music industry professionals through scholarships and grants, but also, by  providing a platform to showcase the talent and abilities of our generation,” said Kacie Ciarelli, President of Kyle Robinson Memorial Foundation Inc. The Foundation will be working to create an inclusive and interactive experience through their social media platforms, events and fundraisers. As the Foundation grows, KRMF hopes to expand in their ability to provide other resources for aspiring music industry professionals. 

The Kyle Robinson Memorial Foundation has started taking donations and pledges for tax-exempt future donations, at this time, to put towards scholarships and grants that will be made applicable in the year of 2021. For more information on how to donate, please email [email protected] or visit their website.

The Kyle Robinson Memorial Foundation say their hope is to continue Kyle’s legacy by supporting those who embody the same passion and dedication that Kyle did. The foundation can be followed @krmemorialfoundation on Instagram, and on Facebook here.

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