The Capital Brew Podcast: Episode 14 from Arsenal City Tavern

Editors Note: Nippertown is committed to providing its readers with the best information and news on local music, arts and culture. We are proud to partner with The Capital Brew Podcast to highlight local craft beers and local establishments that support the local economy. Enjoy!

This week D Scott from Kiss 102-3 joins the show at the Arsenal City Tavern. D Scott has been in the radio industry for over 20 years. Dee is also the host of the podcast “Inside the mind of D Scott” and the co-host of the “Psychic On The Scene” podcast. The reason for Dee’s longevity in the radio world is his ability to bring something of substance to any media he is thrown into. This podcast was no different.

Dee and I haven’t been lifelong friends but you can’t tell be the way we click right off the bat. Our bond comes from working together at iHeart and a ghost hunting video series we did with his co-hosts from “Psychic On The Scene” a few years ago. We look forward to having Dee as a regular guest on our podcast.

Big Thank you to the people over at the Arsenal City Tavern for hosting our podcast. Unfortunately, we couldn’t line up a guest from the bar this time around, but we are hoping to come back soon.

In this episode, we learn about the beer that got Dee into the craft beer world. Stealing St Pauli Girl beers from his dad. Also, does D Scott have a future working at a theme park?

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