Preview: Dylan Perrillo Trio Multimedia Live Stream 11/20/2020

Composer and bandleader Dylan Perrillo has been busier than usual during the shutdown. He is live streaming a multimedia music and art project from The Linda on 11/20 at 8 PM. This project was created to illuminate the many public outdoor spaces in the City of Albany in an effort to promote the use of these places as well as to encourage better stewardship.

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From Dylan’s announcement of the project:

A green space from each of Albany’s fifteen different wards was chosen as the subject of musical composition and subsequently an artists’ interpretation. Everyone involved in the project is a member of the local community and each visual artist was chosen because of their bond with their corresponding ward. The goal of this project was to convey a unique snapshot of an individual’s experience within these green spaces in their ever-changing urban environments.

The musicians are:

  • Tucker Callander- Violin
  • Zack Cohen- Guitar
  • Dylan Perrillo- Upright Bass and Composition

The incredible artists involved in the project are:

  • Chris Bourgeois
  • Royal Brown
  • Ashely Busby
  • Paula Frazell
  • Cara May Gorman
  • Chris Howzer
  • Catherine McTague
  • Theresa McTague
  • Jamel Mosely
  • Pam Poquette
  • Julia Posin
  • Nova Stardust
  • Sarah Van Cleve
  • Kiki Vassilikas
  • Kate Glen
  • Jackie Zysk

Have you collaborated with visual artists before? What inspired you to create this project?

There are only a few visual artists here that I have worked with before and getting to collaborate with new local creatives was a main interest of mine for this project. I have been performing with a number of musicians in the area for the past decade but, I realized recently that my knowledge of who is creating in the area outside of the aural arts, was very limited.

The city of Albany has always held magic for me and so has the cross-section of human settlement alongside the natural world. This project was a great way for me to explore the diversity of an old city and its ever-changing environment. I believe that learning how to better coexist with our non-human neighbors is the way of the future and I want to be a proponent of such a direction in the best way I know how.

I have known you primarily as an interpreter of old-time music, from the 20s through the 40s. As Albany certainly has a rich history and there was much music there then as now, are your compositions influenced by the pop music of that period? If not what other directions and influences are there in your compositions and where did they come from?

Although I have a deep affection for early 20th century American pop music my goal largely was to compose music outside of that genre. The land that Albany is situated upon has been inhabited by many different peoples for a very long time and so I felt that restricting my writing to one genre would be only a small representation of the space. I’ve recently been trying to focus on exploring and writing music that simply makes my ears happy regardless of its origin or style. There are definitely some pieces that have strong influences of one variety of music or the other but I attempted to make the majority of the tracks without the direct influence of any one particular musical heritage. I have a growing interest in creating music that branches away from the American songbook in hopes of developing an original sentiment, unique to myself, who knows if I did it or not.

Were the visual pieces created independent of your compositions, or where did the artists get to hear your compositions? Did you get and give feedback on your individual works of art?

The artists received their green spaces’ corresponding music prior to creating their work but it was not necessary that they make something in harmony with that music. The goal of the project was to illustrate different snapshots in time from different people based upon their own experiences with each space. We didn’t exchange any feedback during the artists’ process in an effort to leave the end product free from too much of my own influence. Each of them has done a brilliant job in showcasing their individual talent and perspective.

How and where can people livestream this event?

Anyone interested in viewing the live-stream will be able to so by purchasing a ticket thru any of these links:

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