Swordpaw Live Sessions: Pony in the Pancake

Cousins Robert Flynn and Dan Prockup have been on a quest. They put Pony in the Pancake (PIP) together two decades ago to explore the earth and the sun. They secluded themselves in the darkest basements of Upstate New York where they went to work channeling joy, sadness, and death on a four track recorder. They write all of their songs in the moment of inspiration. Their recipe has proven successful, as over the years they have amassed a faithful following around the Northeast.

The duo has gone through many lineup changes throughout the years. They slowly evolved into a psychedelic juggernaut. “Anyone who’s had the pleasure of witnessing their live show has felt the sweet spot where the propulsion of the Velvet Underground, the wide-eyed romanticism and surf twang of the Beach Boys and the elliptical grooves of Krautrock intersect.” (Jeremy Schwartz, Chronogram Magazine)

pip swordpaw

Pony in the Pancake can’t wait to play again for a live audience, it’s their thing. They love to celebrate life, sunshine and joy. Since the pandemic started back in March they have stayed busy. They streamed two live shows on their Facebook page and began rehearsing in early fall for the live show below at SwordPaw Live Sessions. They have also recorded a new album with Rick Spataro of Onlyness. It’s all new tracks and they are planning to release it next summer, by then hopefully the locakdown is over and we can all enjoy a kick ass release party.

Pony in the Pancake has more new music coming out, too. The band has compiled some “lost” tracks and other odds and ends, enough for a second new album. That one will be coming out on Chuchabata Records as soon as mastering is complete.

PIP is currently performing as a five piece consisting of Robert Flynn – (Lead Guitar and Vocals), Daniel Prockup – (Guitar, Synths, Vocals), Andrea Kosek – (Synths, Vocals), Pat Thorpe – (Bass), and Doruk Ozturk – (Drums) If you listen closely, you can hear them playing throughout eternity….and in your Heart.

Swordpaw Session – Season 2, Episode 1:
Pony in the Pancake

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