Three views of Lucas Garrett’s new EP “Familiar Floors”

Editors Note: Nippertown collaborated with Music Teacher (and pretty phenomenal musician) Katy Ashe to have her Johnsburg Central students review a local musician’s new EP. The goal is to highlight young writers and shine the spotlight toward one of our local singer-songwriters, in this case, Lucas Garrett.

Review by Gabe Freebern

Originating from upstate New York, Lucas Garrett has performed and exposed his talent by playing professionally for six years. Initially, at the start of his music career, Garrett had been teaching himself guitar at 13 years old. From the age difference of 13 – 19, he went on to show his talent by going to open mic nights at local shops and other venues. This exposure allowed Garrett to perform for different groups at a later date. At this point, he discovered that performing for others was something he truly loved to do.

Artwork by Jes Turco

The Lucas Garrett band comprises lead singer and guitarist Lucas Garrett, bassist Kevin Kosach and drummer Emmett Rozelle. His most recent album, Familiar Floors which has an exciting sound, especially to a listener that has not heard his previous albums. His last album, Love Is Better, shows the audience that The Lucas Garrett Band can transform from a country/folk sound to a more alternative/rock sound with Familiar Floors. Familiar Floors has a total of four tracks: “Wires Humming,” “All Around Me,” “Inside Out,” and “One More For the Road.” Every song has its unique rhythm and groove that Garrett’s vocals fix flawlessly. The first track, “Wires Humming,” is a very groovy and bassy song that keeps you in a head-bobbing trance the entire way through. “Wires Humming” is my favorite track on this album. The bassist (Kevin Kosach) in this song did an exceptional job. The second track, “All Around Me,” has a very bouncy groove with a very catchy chorus. Garrett’s vocals are my favorite part of this song. His sound fits perfectly with this track in that it’s a unique experience for Garrett’s fans and first listeners. The third track, “Inside Out,” is very different from the first two tracks. The first two tracks were upbeat and more energetic than “Inside Out.” This song is very meticulous or mysterious in that it is delightful to listen to and has an original sound. The fourth track, “One More For the Road,” has a very groovy guitar line making it to be the most rock genre song on this album, in my opinion.

Overall, this album is very different from a lot of other music/rock that I have listened to, and I have to say this album is so unique in a fantastic way. If I were to hear any of these tracks on the radio, I would instantly know that it’s The Lucas Garrett Band. Even though this album is concise, I could listen to each of these songs repeatedly and not get bored of listening to it. This piece has an exceptional amount of talent that is border-line brilliant. I would recommend these songs to anyone that loves rock as much as I do.

Review by Jaxon Roblee

Lucas Garrett is a musician from Upstate New York and has played all over from coffee houses and bars to theatres such as the Charles Wood in Glens Falls. Garrett has been a professional musician for over six years and his music is a unique craft blend of rock as well as some folk and country elements which makes listening to his music intriguing and fun. His newest album “Familiar Floors” manages to blend all these elements to perfection. From the catchy rhythm and guitar line on “All Around Me” to the lyrics that hit on “Wires Humming”. The album is one that is unique and helps build the music for musicians from upstate New York.

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Any rock fan can connect to these songs. Garrett’s ability on the guitar is amazing and really defines his musical talent as a songwriter, singer, and guitarist. The song “Wires Humming” the opening track to the EP is one that speaks on emotions that resonates with the singer but with the listening audience as well. “Wires Humming” is the start to a rock journey and a good one with the catchy riff and thumping bassline. The second track “All Around Me” has a very good and unique sound to it. It’s a catchy pattern that plays throughout the whole song which is an element that contributes to the song really well. With Garrett’s struggles throughout life, listening to this album amazes me because of the sheer talent he has, and it’s inspiring to see someone perform at such a high level with the problems he faced. Around Garrett is talented bassist Kevin Kosach, Emmett Rozelle playing drums, and Cassandra Pratt and Bob Bates who play violin. Together their music blends perfectly to create the sound that they produce.

In all Familiar Floors is a great album and a new sound from Garrett that defines him as a creative musician and one that is so talented at blending the different instruments with his vocals that elevate his music. The blend is great and one that should be appreciated and one that is eccentric and distinctive.

Review by Maria Ordway

The album Familiar Floors by Lucas Garrett is a great album that has a variety of music. Though Lucas Garrett has an amazing story and has overcome many challenges, his music is truly the center of his passion and life. I have not listened to this style in the past but after listening to Lucas’s music I have found myself enjoying this sound and being more open to different types of music such as this. Garrett is a very diverse artist whose albums never seem to sound the same which gives his fans a change of emotions every time and sometimes an unexpected surprise. I couldn’t stop listening to Garrett’s music because his sound was so unique and interesting. Garrett is truly an inspiration not only in the music industry but in life in general. Garrett demonstrates that with some hard work and the defeating of some obstacles you can accomplish anything you want.

On the album Familiar Floors, my favorite song had to be “Wires Humming” because I enjoyed the sound of the music and the way he sings this song. The sound in his voice is deep and powerful which brings great definition to the piece. I love the use of different instruments that are being played. The beginning of the song set the tone for the whole song. I found this song to have a poppy and upbeat vibe. This piece by Garrett is truly a joy to listen to. Other than the lyrics, the instruments and band were great. I love the anticipation he uses to deliver such an explosive piece. The guitar was a great addition to the song and really helped the song speak for itself.

Photo by Stephanie Bartik

“One More for the Road” is reminiscent of a country song. This song’s story is relatable to many young adults. With a fun and energetic voice, Garrett sings the story of a night at the bar and how when the end of the night comes he just wants one more drink before he leaves. This song was definitely a highlight on the album. I really loved his voice in this song and throughout the album. This particular song has a variety of instruments being used which gives this song a diverse sound. An interesting track on this album is “Inside Out.” Though it doesn’t have as much diversity of instruments in it, this piece was truly great.I had a great experience listening to the song and really understanding what the lyrics meant. The metaphors that were used in this song were creatively meaningful. Any listener can take the song and find their own meaning behind the lyrics. Though personally, I could only relate to some lyrics the ones that I was able to relate to were very impactful. I found the song to have a great sound to it which will attract a variety of people. This song was a lot of fun to listen to and I hope that he makes more songs like this…

Garrett is a true talent in the music industry. This album was great to listen to and I really enjoyed the brilliant work of this singer/songwriter. Garrett demonstrated throughout the album a diverse set of music and instruments. The album Familiar Floors is one of the best I have listened to. Garrett is an inspiration to many young and upcoming artists. He shows the real meaning of hard work and how overcoming obstacles may not be easy at the beginning but in the end, something beautiful and amazing will come. This is truly a phenomenal album that I would recommend to many.

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