The Capital Brew Podcast: Episode 15 from Great Flats Brewing

Editors Note: Nippertown is committed to providing its readers with the best information and news on local music, arts and culture. We are proud to partner with The Capital Brew Podcast to highlight local craft beers and local establishments that support the local economy. Enjoy!

In this episode, we celebrate with our friends over at Great Flats Brewing. Colder weather brings darker beers and the cold isn’t the only reason. Dark beers tend to go great with the food we see during the holiday season. So we’ll be pairing beers with some of our favorite holiday foods.

Wonder what would the bar and food industry will look like with another COVID shutdown? So do we. As we know the unthinkable could be right around the corner for the Capital District. How can the industry survive while running at 50, 25, or 0% capacity, and still have to pay 100% of their taxes, mortgages payroll ect. So what will the effect be on our favorite bars, restaurants, and breweries? Dave and Harry talk about some of their concerns.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, and healthy Thanksgiving!

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