The Beat from Troy Music Hall #43, We Did It!

We Got Through It! Keep Going!

This was the weirdest Thanksgiving most of us will experience. Pat yourselves on the back and brace yourselves – the rest of the holidays are also going to be odd. Know it, embrace it, and let’s all make the most of it.

“Maggie May” with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

We have a soft spot in our heart for Rod Stewart. This is a beautiful re-interpretation of one of his early hits, “Maggie May.” Recorded in 2019 with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, it combines his distinctivevocals with a more decidedly classical flair.

Holiday Deals! Shop from Home!

For every $50 you spend on a Gift Card, get $5 free! Click here to redeem this deal. By gifting these cards, not only are you giving away the best gift of all – the gift of live music – you are also helping sustain the Music Hall until it is safe to open. Gift Cards never expire, and we are looking forward to some amazing shows in our future – it’s a win-win for everyone!

Thank you to Albany Pro Musica for lending us their voices to this video. Gift Cards are good for their performances at the Hall too! Offer good till 11/30, some restrictions apply.

Copland’s Appalachian Spring

We miss music in the Hall! Here’s a taste of what was and what will someday be again from the Academy of St Martin in the Fields. Did you see them when they played on our stage with Joshua Bell?

Dolly Parton’s Fashion Evolution

Dolly Parton is a national treasure!We love her over-the-top style. Here she goes through the years and explains some of her best looks and how her style has evolved over the years.

The Best of This American Life

Hall favorite Ira Glass, and his brilliant radio program This American Life, has teamed up with the NY Times.

Ira explains: “For Thanksgiving listening in a year when so many of us are not with our families because of the pandemic, I’ve picked some shows about family, and some episodes about other stuff, too. I’ve included my favorite interview, possibly my best, I’ve ever done. Listen while cooking or traveling (if you’re risking it) or while doing your Black Friday shopping online.”

Click here to hear these hand-picked episodes.

The Harlem Renaissance:The Movement That Changed Jazz

From NYS Music: “At the start of the twentieth century, many Black Americans, facing racism and discrimination across the country, moved to a neighborhood in Upper Manhattan: Harlem. This neighborhood became a cultural center in the early 1900’s, fully blossoming during the 1920’s and 30’s. This period of time, the Harlem Renaissance, is seen as a watershed for the country, but especially within the arts.” Click here to read the full article.

Kid’s Corner!

Enjoy another Joke of the Day from our friends The Puppet People. They are a puppet company based out of Schenectady, and if you have anyone in the house in elementary school, it’s a safe bet they’ve seen one of their shows!

If Cats were Human

If you own a cat, you will relate to this clip.

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