The Beat from Troy Music Hall #44, Black and White

The Black and White Edition

“The most colorful thing in the world is black and white, it contains all colors and at the same time excludes all.”― Vikrmn, 10 Alone

Sister Rosetta Tharpe- “Didn’t It Rain?” Live 1964

Sister Rosetta Tharpe is a rock-n-roll pioneer. We love how her look is so proper (that coat is perfection!) as she wails on that guitar. Her guitar techniques were ahead of their time. She used heavy distortion on her electric guitar and her playing influenced the development of British Blues in the 1960s. She toured with Muddy Waters in 1964 and guitarists such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Keith Richards cite her as a big influence on their playing.

Happy Holidays from our Family to Yours!


We don’t think the music is original to the visuals on this clip, but the music is so good and the animation so amazing, we had to include it! This is the description from YouTube: “Two versions of Cab Calloway performing “St James Infirmary Blues” combined with visuals from Fliescer studios’ 1933 version of Snow White.”

Pretty Woman

Roy Orbison performs “Oh, Pretty Woman” as the finale of the Black & White Night Concert. Throughout the course of the evening, recorded in 1987, he is joined by Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, James Burton, Glen D. Hardin, Tom Waits, kd lang, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, JD Souther, T Bone Burnett, Steven Soles, and Jennifer Warnes.

The Best of Bollywood

This number, “Aaiye Meharbaan” is from the 1958 Bollywood movie Howrah Bridge. Sung by Asha Bhosle, it quickly became a hit and today is considered a classic. The film focuses on a businessman trying to find his brother’s murderers and recover a priceless family heirloom.

Heaven, I’m in Heaven

The greatest dancing partners on the silver screen, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, starred in the 1935, Top Hat. This film, about mistaken identity and affairs of the heart, went on to win two Oscars and gross 2 million dollars, making it the second highest grossing film of that year. Mutiny on the Bounty, starring Clark Gable, out-earned it by a half million.

Kids Corner – Mickey!

This is a video of the first Mickey cartoon ever! First shown in 1928, Steamboat Willie introduced us to Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie. It was the first Disney cartoon to use synchronized sound and became the most popular cartoon of its time.

Henri the Cat is Back

Henri is back, and he’s dealing with a guest he finds rather objectionable. Poor Henri, no one suffers more than this cat.

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