Local Artist, Jade Warrick, contributes huge mural to Capital Walls Project

If you live or have traveled to the downtown Albany area recently, you might have noticed a new mural on Columbia Street. The mural is part of a community project called Capital Walls and is made possible with the partnership of Albany Center Gallery, Albany Barn and Park Albany along with the support from the City of Albany, Redburn Development and Downtown Albany BID. The goal of the project is to inspire the community with uplifting, educational or thought-provoking works of art. The project has also created a fun and popular activity known as mural tours, giving locals and visitors the chance to explore downtown Albany and embrace a colorful, welcoming world of art.

Capital Region-based visual designer, Chelsea Jade Warrick (@trashkid_art) calls her piece on 39 Columbia Street, “Escape to Nature: Where Peace Awaits”. Jade uses her art and voice to her goals of dedication to community growth and making art accessible for everyone. I was lucky to chat with Jade about her artwork, the inspiration behind this piece and future projects.

Susan Rice: Your mural is over 5 stories tall. Did you know that when you signed on for the mural? Are you scared of heights? 

Chelsea Jade Warrick: Actually I am terrified of heights and really had no idea it was going to be that tall of a space. The original space we were going to use was much smaller. But I just chalked it up to immersion therapy and kept the fear aside.

SR: It’s been a little over a month now since you completed your mural. What has been the community’s response to it?

CJW: I’ve gotten a lot of love for this piece. Especially among youth. I believe it has to do with the storybook Pixar feel to it. From older gens the response has been grateful for some color in a dreary part of town.

SR: What/who was the inspiration behind your mural? What message are you hoping to share from your mural?

CJW: Nature and escaping from this political climate. I wanted this piece to highlight some of the colorful and tranquil energy nature can bring, especially in urbanized areas where parks and nature comes as a rarity.

SR: You give shout outs to multiple partners on this project. How important was their (Albany Center Gallery, Albany barn, Downtown Albany BID and Tony Ladicicco) support and collaboration?

CJW: EXTREMELY important. Kristen with the barn, Tony with AC, Georgette and the folx with the BID, Jeff with Redburn. All extremely important and supportive with making my dream to paint a mural a reality. I really hope to work with them all again on more amazing art projects like this one. 

SR: What’s your favorite color?

CJW: Yellow, Olive Green, and Creme white.

SR: What kind of music do you listen to when you are painting/creating art?

CJW: I listen to a lot of energy led instrumental. Musicians such as ASADI, SANGO, PASCAAL, WHAT SO NOT, and the likes of those. No lyrics though, they tend to distract me when I’m creating.

SR: What’s the next project you are working on?

CJW: I’m working on a handful of projects, such as reviving my mural youth program Amplified Voices with my partner in arts Euegene O’Neil (Made in Truth Clothing), I’m also working on a few community projects with Jammella Anderson, founder of Free Food Fridges Albany. But until 2021 I’m taking a much need breather and working on building my professional portfolio and focusing on my mental health.

Photo by Tim Reidy

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