Stories from a Bar #38, Jeff Mo’rad from WEQX

In the latest episode of Stories From A Bar, I am joined (virtually) by the man, the myth, the beard himself, Jeff Mo’rad. Jeff is of course the Program Director 102.7 WEQX – The Real Alternative and has been with the station for over a decade. While he has spent time in several places, and we joke about him being a permanent vacationer, you can rest assured that he plans to be at WEQX for the long haul.

While we have some drinks, Jeff goes on to tell me about how he got into radio, eventually getting his job at the Vermont based station. We also go on to talk about how Covid has impacted the radio industry and the respect and appeal WEQX has earned for being the independent station that it has been since it started. In between the drinking and laughing you will also get to hear about some of Jeff’s favorite moments while at the station, some of our favorite albums from 2020, and of course some beard talk.

So, check out Episode 38 of the Stories From A Bar to hear about some WEQX history and Jeff’s journey. You’ll find the show on all major podcast platforms so be sure to like and subscribe. Also, you can follow Stories From A Bar on Facebook, Twitter (@StoriesFAB), and Instagram to see what’s coming up or general fun shenanigans. Lastly, a big thank you to Jeff Morad for being on the show. Happy Holidays!

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