Girl Blue Releases First Single From Upcoming Album, “Just a Dream”

Girl Blue, a fan favorite of the capital region, has just released her first single off of her upcoming album. “Just a Dream” is a pulsing, driven anthem intertwined with thoughtful lyrics and warm keys. With every listen, new sounds hidden underneath the vocals and beat come to life- from muffled vocals and heavy guitar sounds to angelic harmonies and acoustic drums.

After all the anticipation from the ongoing pounding beat and slow rise of background synths and vocals, it dissipates for a short moment; like catching your breath before diving back into the ocean. Head first, you finally reach the climax of the song where Girl Blue can be heard belting “just a dream,” joined by reverberated and fast moving drums sounds, heavy synths, and clean guitar tones. After, the song finishes out just as it started, with the same pulsing beat and warm keys. 

“Just a Dream” was written and produced by Girl Blue, engineered and produced by Scoops Dardaris, and mastered by Steve Fallone (Taylor Swift, Tame Impala, Kacey Musgraves). Recorded at White Lake Studios, another capital region favorite, Dark Honey, performed on the track. Jimi Woodul on guitar, Dan Dekalb on piano, Ben Woodul on bass, and Josh Morris on acoustic drums. 

Keep an eye out for Girl Blue’s debut album sometime next year. I can assure you- you do not want to miss it. In the mean time you can listen to unreleased tracks, poetry, and exclusive Girl Blue content on Patreon- where you will be able to get first listens to her new music.

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