Jesse Taylor Band rip on stellar first EP “Ever Changing”

The newly formed Jesse Taylor Band from Burlington Vermont is different than the band that released the EP Eighty Degrees In October 2018 and ready to show the world as their first EP “Ever Changing” lands on January 1st, 2021.  The title track along with an accompanying video comes on Christmas Day at midnight.  It is quite evident on this recording, that in less than two years, Taylor’s songwriting and instincts have matured incredibly.  Add that to her band’s formidable and powerful sound and “Ever Changing” is set to make waves for these young musicians.

The EP begins with “Disaster” with a bouncy, staccato guitar refrain that launches with the bass drop into a Courtney Barnett bluesy rocker. There is a unique movement between bassist Ian Morris-Greenman and drummer Matt Sicard that creates a tight backline and almost beckons Taylor Vocals/Rythm guitar and lead guitarist Nick Treis to weave in and out as the first track crescendos.  This will be a great opener not just on an EP, but at a live show and it truly captures the listener right out of the gates.

“This EP means so much to me and feels like the most relative thing I’ve put out yet. Eighty Degrees in October (2018) was my first solo EP, and yes I loved that and it was super honest and recorded with a band, but this time around I’ve really gotten to know and work with the guys and feel like the songs have come so far since I wrote them on my acoustic,” -Taylor says recalling the process.

“Adore You” has guest bass player Collin Dinnie filling in for a tune and this time there is no fun opening, no this song blasts through the speakers like a gunshot. Out of all of the EP “Ever Changing” this track might be the catchiest and as it fades from the echoing of the opening cannon it fades into an upbeat slice of blissful life cut from the birthday cake that signifies Taylor’s new beginning and the bands bold and solid rock sound.

Track three is the title track and has that feel of the quality of production we all know The War on Drugs for balanced with again that genuine Courtney Barnett dose of reality and a hint of Brittney Howard’s dirty blues.  The music video for this track is very fun while dealing with a darker issue of love lost, time balanced, and how we shape ourselves.  The production on this tune is out of this world as the band found time to escape Burlington together to Record in Boston, Massachusetts in February of 2020 with producer Mike Davidson. Plaid Dog Recording finished engineering and mastering with the dynamic duo Mike Davidson and Cairo Marques-Neto putting on the finishing touches.

“Blue” the fourth track again explodes out of the gates and reminds one of early Mike McCready. At first, the lyrics might seem like simple storytelling, but again Taylor outdoes herself by turning everyday life into a deeper emotion of longing for connection.  On that, during this time of a pandemic, the band worked so hard to keep alive.  Again the thought of connecting with anyone in this time of instantaneous technological advances, but not even being able to give a simple hug comes across.  Musically the bass work here is phenomenal and the backline again shines but leaves that important space for Treis to again make some Pearl Jam-esque riffs.

“We did a crowdfunding campaign for this EP in 2019 and that also gives it a whole other level of meaning- to see the outpouring love and support from friends, family, and fans, whether that was simply sharing our crowdfunding page or donating, we got so much love and I am so grateful and appreciative of that and am so excited to share these songs with the world.” -Taylor

“Come Down” begins with delicate piano, builds into a catchy folk tune, and then rips through the atmosphere into another rocker.  The lyrics on this tune, like this band’s future are very hopeful. 

Rain come down,
I wear myself Out,
My mind is racing,
I can’t sleep,
Why did you have to leave,
It’s so hard to see the light,
Just when you think you can’t fight,
The sun will rise.

A message we could all use a little more of and January 1st is a perfect day for this labor of love to drop.

In all “Ever Changing” is a very consistent EP.  In message and playing, this tight band allows each other space to create and the backline can have some fun and let for super fun and catchy guitar riffs and Taylor’s jumping rhythm guitar and exploring and playful singing.  This new version of JTB is vastly different than the one that recorded in 2018 and with this move towards a darker and more layered sound a la Jack White,  they keep the poppy hooks and clever songwriting that will bring listeners back to this recording.  Ever Changing is a well-polished, yet very authentic first record.  The fact that it was put out during a global pandemic only highlights the talent and bright future these musicians have together.

“So, we did the crowdfunding pre-pandemic, and we recorded just before we really got the news about the pandemic in the states. After we recorded in February and life as we knew it went on hold, we took a break from thinking about mixing and releasing for a bit. Once August hit, we had a virtual catch-up with our producer/engineer and made plans to mix virtually this Fall. We were able to zoom in and call out adjustments to be made while not actually being together to listen which was really cool. I finally got the masters, and here we are! I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to record these songs before the chaos so that we have something to put out during this time. Creation and expression, whether shared or not, is so so so important, especially now, and I am very glad to have those outlets.” 

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