The Beat from Troy Music Hall #49, Enjoying the Holidays

Today is the day to eat yummy holiday leftovers and relax. Next up, New Year’s Eve! We know, it’s all different this year. Let’s focus our small, socially responsible celebrations on leaving this dumpster fire of a year behind us. Here’s to 2021!

We know this is hard, especially during this holiday season. If you need someone to listen, NYS has set up a Covid Emotional Support Helpline – call 1-844-863-9314, available 8 AM – 10 PM, seven days a week.

“The Bears are Coming for Us!”

Ah, Saturday Night Live – when you are good, you are really good. Eddie Murphy stars as an elf who has witnessed a newsworthy event in the North Pole.

Kristen Wiig stars in this SNL digital short. It really captures the highs and the lows many Moms experience on Christmas morning.

A Snow Clearing PSA from a Sarcastic Weatherman

If you are not lucky enough to have a garage (if you do have one, stop and take a moment to realize how blessed you are) you are very familiar with all the features of your ice scraper/car brush. Just in case you need a refresher, this fed up weatherman is here for you!

Glass Ornaments are labor Intensive

Wow! We had no idea the amount of work that goes into making these beautiful ornaments.

Darlene Love “Christmas – Baby Please Come Home”

From our friends over at NYS Music comes a story on a David Letterman Show tradition: “From 1986 until 2014, David Letterman would close out his final show of the year with a Christmas episode that featured the one and only Darlene Love. Over the span of those 28 years, Love would perform her holiday hit “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),” one of Letterman’s favorites.”

“Hey Deer!” Short Film

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