Best of 2020: WEXT’s Top Local 518 Countdown

Happy New Year! 2020 was not our favorite year, but when it came to spinning songs by our Local 518 bands and artists it was divine!

Courtesy of WEXT Radio, get your very own free PDF copy of The Top Local 518 of 2020. It features clickable links so you can listen to & buy your favorite songs on the list. Start 2021 by supporting our Capital Region musicians that create wonderful music for us to enjoy!

The Top 10

Mercy Me (live) / Jocelyn & Chris ArndtOne Night In November
Lies You Tell / Sawyer FredericksFlowers for You
Broken / The Sea The SeaStumbling Home
Born / Sawyer FredericksFlowers for You
415 / Sydney WorthleyRose Colored Glasses (EP)
Promised Land / In The ValleyPromised Land (single)
Lonely / WaitressLonely (single)
Maybe It’s the Way (live) / Angelina ValenteLive at The Cock ‘N Bull
Mixed Signals / Julia AlsarrafMixed Feelings (EP)
Comatose / Turnover MuleYear of the Mule (EP)

#11 – #20

From Every Mountain Side (live) / Dan BerggrenDan Berggren In Concert – Caffe Lena
Fire Away / E.R.I.E.Don’t Wanna Live, Don’t Wanna Die
The Sun’s Comin’ Over the Hill / Sara Milonovich & DaisycutterNortheast
Hide Away / Charlotte ReillyHide Away (single)
Grab Your Pack / The FiggsShady Grove
He May Be Your Man / Rory BlockProve It On Me
Where There’s Hope / Michael BruceWhere There’s Hope (single)
Andy Warhol / Annie SchererAndy Warhol (single)
Hartford Street / Sten & Maria Z.Sten & Maria Z.
Home / Talia DenisHome (single)

#21 – #30

Silence / Maswick & BrownSilence (single)
I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You / Sean RoweI Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You (single)
Wash Your Hands / Christopher Shaw(unreleased)
Big Blue / Joan Kelsey’s Silver LiningFriends and Family
If You Ever Take the Train / Girl BlueFor You, My Love (EP)
Better Now / LavedaWhat Happens After
Roll Back Down / Eastbound JesusFull Moon Over Salem
Symptoms / BendtBrightness in the Barrens
Everyone’s Gone Home / Joel BrownEveryone’s Gone Home (single)
Blueberry Blue Dream / Alex HitrickApple Trees

#31 – #40

What If / Slam ReedWildwood
Heart of Darkness / Kevin SokolAnd So It Goes (EP)
Skin Disease / Hamilton CraigPillar of Smoke
Do You Think / Mike GrutkaDo You Think (single)
Helpless (ft. Joseph Carrick) / Carmen LookshireFor Love (EP)
Step Out of Your Body / Joe Roy JacksonBrothers (EP)
Quentin / Gordon StThe Sloansville Sessions
4th / Maddy HicksThe Bliss You Missed
Default Mode / Peter MaineDefault Mode (single)
The Bliss You Missed / Maddy HicksThe Bliss You Missed

#41 – #50

Myself and I / Peter AnnelloMyself and I (single)
Us People (demo) / Doctor BakerUs People (demo)
Looking For America / Ashley SofiaShades of Blue
Fears Come Runnin’ / E.R.I.E.Don’t Wanna Live,
Don’t Wanna Die
Copy Cat / Nicole MaherCopy Cat (single)
Why Don’t We Drive / Dark HoneyRougher Stuff
Dance With Me / Conor WalshDance With Me (single)
Bound 2 Be / Allyson SmithBound 2 Be (single)
A Thousand Years / The Sea The SeaStumbling Home
Seen / Dr. Jah & the Love ProphetsCreation

#51 – #60

Love From Afar / Haley MoleyLove From Afar (single)
The Reach / Buggy JiveThe Reach (single)
She’s On Top / Mark & JillMark & Jill Live at Caffe Lena
What Will We Do / Drank the GoldSipped the Silver
Imagine Revolution / Steve CandlenMagnolia’s
Fall Into The Earth / Belle-SkinnerViolets
Humboldt Park / Corry LovedayWandering Man (EP)
Midnight Bus / Annie DressnerCoffee at the Corner Bar
Carousel / Dominick CampanaBack Pocket
Sellout / Joe Mansman & the Midnight Revival BandSellout (single)

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