The Beat from Troy Music Hall #55, The Heavy Metal Edition

heav·y met·al – /ˈhevē ˈmedl/ – noun
1. A metal of relatively high density, or of high relative atomic weight.
2. Type of highly amplified harsh-sounding rock music with a strong beat, characteristically using violent or fantastic imagery.

This edition is dedicated to the second definition of heavy metal. Did you know:

“….the links between heavy metal and classical music are well established. Professor Adrian North at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh has undertaken the largest study to date on the connection between personality and musical preferences. His conclusions? Heavy metal and classical fans have more in common than you might think. Beyond sharing a love of the theatrical (think Wagner, Paganini, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss), both types of listeners tend to be introverted, creative and at ease with themselves.” – CBC Music – Click here to read more.

Open your mind and let’s go on a musical journey together.

Nothing Else Matters

Apocalyptica is a popular symphonic metal band from Helsinki. They started playing together in 1993 as a classical style Metallica tribute band. Here they re-interpret one of Metallica’s biggest hits, “Nothing Else Matters.”

(Fun fact – Karen, our Director of Marketing, played Apocalyptica as the walk-in music at her wedding.)

Note – when we say hit, we mean wildly popular. The original Metallica video has over 897 million – yes, million! – views on YouTube.

Teach the Children Well

These children display so much awesomeness it’s almost too much! Enjoy the Louisville Leopard Percussionists (4th-6th graders) rehearsing “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osborne

Their version was endorsed by the man, the myth, the legend that is Ozzy. He said, “Myself, my whole family, and my fans all loved your rendition of “Crazy Train”. Keep up the good work!”

Metal + Broadway

NIGHTWISH – The Phantom Of The Opera
Finland band Nightwish is a symphonic metal band that incorporates classical elements into their music. (Lead singer Floor Jansen is a soprano with a range of more than three octaves.) Here they perform a version of Phantom you never knew you wanted; Sir Webber would be proud!

Heavy Metal with Bagpipes!

The hair, the fashion, the dance moves of the all-female audience, and a very young Angus Young in his iconic schoolboy uniform – ahh, 1976! AC/DC was just getting started. They have since gone on to sell more than 200 million records worldwide and are ranked #7 on MTV’s list of “Greatest Heavy Metal Bands of All Time.”

Hip to be the Sandman

James Hetfield and the News – “Hip to Be the Sandman”
Ummm… what can we say? A mash-up of Huey Lewis and the News with Metallica – this approaches a weird sort of perfection.

You’re Never too Old to Rock

You can rock out at any stage in life! These Green Country Village Seniors, living in Bartlesville OK, are finding joy even in the midst of this pandemic. The song they are practicing on is by Bruno Mars, who falls solidly in the pop genre – but we like to believe they are working their way up to some heavy metal. We encourage them to rock on!

Knit or Die

In 2019, Finland hosted the first-ever Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship. Competitors from all around the world descended on the small town of Joensuu, and Japan’s Giga Body Metal were named world champions. The joy conveyed by the knitters makes this a must-watch video!

Not Bollywood – Bloodywood

Bloodywood – Machi Bhasad (Expect a Riot)
This India-based group describes itself as “a metal band from India known for pioneering a sound that seamlessly fuses Indian folk instruments with metal to devastating effect.”(Special thank you to Brittany, our Patron Relations Manager, for bringing them, and Nightwish, to our attention.)

Upcoming Streaming Shows

Troy Chromatic Concerts
Klassical Klavier Konversations
with renowned pianist Jeffrey Biegel

Classical Masters of the Piano
Thu, Feb 11, 8 PM, live-streamed on YouTube, free, no ticket required

Featuring compositions by Mozart and Beethoven

To access this performance, please click here, this link will go live at the time of the show.

Jade Bird
Streaming Live at RCA Studios, Nashville
February 13, 8 PM, TICKETS

Jade Bird returns to historic RCA Studios in Nashville where she recorded her up-coming second album with multi-Grammy award-winning producer Dave Cobb, for a one-off special live performance. This will be the first chance for fans to hear new material from the album, including her brand new single “Headstart.”

Dust Bowl Faeries Duet and Tommy Stinson’s Cowboys in the Campfire
February 13, 8 PM, TICKETS

Bloody Valentines Show, live from the stage of Helsinki Hudson.

Quintocracy Presents: The Music of Women Composers
Part 2: Music for Flute and Guitar
Sunday, February 14, 2021, at 3 PM, click here for the sign-up link

Enjoy this concert with your valentine! Live-streamed from our stage!

An Acoustic Evening with The WheelA free two-hour set streamed live from our stage!February 27, 8 PMThe YouTube link will be made available closer to the show. 

Hailing from the Capital Region of NYS The Wheel was founded by Andy Morse (aka Andy “The Music Man”) in 2010. Band members Bryan Gautie on lead guitar, Rick Rothermel on keys, Dave Pallas on bass, Joe Sobero on drums, Jill Gautie on vocals, and Andy Morse on rhythm guitar all playing tribute to the timeless music of the Dead. Very special guest Vinnie Amico from moe. will join The Wheel on percussion!

This performance is free, no ticket required, but tips encouraged!

Even Pandas Go Sledding

We end with pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian at the National Zoo in DC enjoying the snow! Watch them live on the Giant Panda Cam:

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