The Beat from Troy Music Hall #57, Move!

We Probably Aren’t Moving Enough

You don’t want to go to the gym (we don’t blame you), and all the trails you were hiking are now snow-covered and icy. It’s cold out, your couch is comfy, and Bridgerton is on Netflix. It’s hard to find the motivation to mask up and go out.

This week, we dedicated our videos to inspire you to move! Excavate that treadmill that has slowly become a gathering place for your laundry, grab your kid’s sled and hurl yourself down a hill (we take no responsibility for the outcome), or boogie to the smooth 80’s sound of an Olivia Newton-John classic.

A New Way to Use the Treadmill

OK Go, “Here It Goes Again”

OK Go is a musical group that is well known for its innovative and creative videos. Click here to check out their body of work on their YouTube channel. We featured “Upside Down and Inside Out” in a former issue of The Beat, and we highly recommend viewing that again, and watch their “I Won’t Let You Down” video.


Olivia Newton-John - Physical (Official Video)

Olivia Newton-John, “Physical” (Official Video)

Honestly, this is one of the first videos we thought of for this week’s edition. Ummm….. we didn’t remember it being so… so… so very, weirdly, and hilariously unsexy. Do you think that is by design?

Food, Glorious Food, the Reason we need to Move!

Jacques Pepin and Julia Child are a delight! Watch them create three delicious desserts. They will walk you through how to make Strawberries Sabayon, Gâteau de Crêpes, and a classic Crêpes Suzette.


A husband tries to help his wife go sledding, and hilarity ensues!

No Corny Inspirational Speeches here,
Just Withering Judgement

Welcome to Saturday Night Live’s version of Peloton, a popular exercise bike that promises to bring a “boutique exercise experience” into your home. SNL takes a different approach from the usual cheerleading approach of leading an exercise class. They call it Pelotaunt.

Dance Like No One’s Watching

Jisoo Yu & David Hart – “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire

Just move! It doesn’t matter how good you are, (though these two are amazing!) just let the music move you. Karen, our Director of Marketing, has a rule: Never, NEVER, make fun of anyone dancing. The fact that someone chooses to groove in public always, ALWAYS, deserves respect.

Jisoo and David are part of the Urban Dance Crew at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Their motto? “We don’t care about being the best — we care about being better than the day before.”

Upcoming Streaming Shows

An Acoustic Evening with The Wheel

A free two-hour set streamed live from our stage!
February 27, 8 PM
Event Details

Hailing from the Capital Region of NYS The Wheel was founded by Andy Morse (aka Andy “The Music Man”) in 2010. Band members Bryan Gautie on lead guitar, Rick Rothermel on keys, Dave Pallas on bass, Joe Sobero on drums, Jill Gautie on vocals, and Andy Morse on rhythm guitar all playing tribute to the timeless music of the Dead.

Support your local eatery while supporting local artists!From February 23rd through the 27th, visit our friends and local Deadheads, Bacchus Wood Fired in Troy, for a special discount in honor of The Wheel’s live stream straight from the Hall stage.

When placing your order, mention the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall or your intentions to tune in to The Wheel on Feb. 27th and receive 20% off* your Bacchus Wood Fired order!

*Offer is good at Bacchus Wood Fired starting February 23rd through closing on February 27th. Offer is not retroactive and cannot be combined with any other offer. If you have any questions, please contact the team at Bacchus Wood Fired at (518) 687-0345.

This performance is free, no ticket required, but tips encouraged!

WAMC The Linda’s Open For Take-Out Virtual Concert Series presents
Dust Bowl Faeries, full band

Monday, February 22nd, 8 PM (rescheduled from Feb 1st)

A YouTube viewing link will be emailed to ticket holders.

Olive and Mabel Join a Gym

Olive and Mabel are back, and they are looking to get in shape!

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