Curious Comet to Donate All Proceeds from Upcoming Gig to Famed Venue

Curious Comet, a new local band likened to Wilco, Aimee Mann, and REM by fans will be playing at Caffé Lena on Sunday, March 7th at 7 PM. The show will be live-streamed and accessible to all on Youtube. Viewers are encouraged to donate the amount of their choice to the venue’s online “tip jar.” Donors to this event will see their impact doubled. Caffé Lena usually splits proceeds with performers, but Curious Comet is donating 100% of the funds raised by the performance to the legendary non-profit venue to help them weather the months-long shutdown. The band will be playing songs from their debut album “Authentic Earth,” including some surprise arrangements that will not be played anywhere else. 

This benefit show is just the latest example of support so characteristic of the Capital Region arts scene. Niki Kaos, who started Curious Comet with her partner and long-time musician Bob Donald, was quick to give credit where credit was due when asked how such a new music project got noticed by the famous Caffé. “Michael Eck really believed in us and helped us a lot,” she said. “He, Bob and I have run in the same circles for years and he’s really approachable, so I felt comfortable reaching out. He represents Breedlove guitars and I was clamoring for one. We got to talking, and in the end, I walked away with a fantastic guitar and a referral to the Caffé complete with his personal endorsement. He’s one of those people who made a name for himself but still shows up for the community.” 

After listening to “Authentic Earth,” it isn’t hard to imagine what Mr. Eck and others see in Curious Comet. This indie alt rock project immerses the listener in a sonic bath of dynamic guitar work and emotive vocals that arrest attention and capture the imagination. Self-produced at Bob and Niki’s home studio in Shushan NY, this album practically flooded out of its creators despite many logistical and COVID-related obstacles. Quite simply, Authentic Earth demanded to be made, and it doesn’t just rock – it rocks the soul. “Their song ‘Uncle Bob’ had me moving my entire body and shaking with the best kind of laughter,” asserted one fan. “The instant personal connection I feel when I hear a song I relate to is one of my favorite things about great music, and Curious Comet does that for me. I’ll definitely be going to more of their shows.” Don’t miss this chance to support Caffé Lena and discover one of the most talented musical groups in the area. Visit to donate and tune into the livestream. 

Curious Comet is an Alternative Indie/Rock group with strong roots in the Capital Region. Their sound is wholly original, technically impressive, and mindfully created. Curious Comet will appeal to the B-side-loving deep listener looking to connect with their fellow humans and the earth. The group was founded in 2020 by multi-instrumentalists Niki Kaos and Bob Donald, who each boast 30 years of experience on the music scene and whose harmony is evident both on and off the stage. 

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