The Beat from Troy Music Hall #58, How Did This Get Made? The Luxury Edition

How things get made – the luxury items edition.

We dedicate this week’s newsletter to the process of how things are produced. It’s fascinating to learn how things are created, from luxury cookware and handbags to the finest in music and food.

How Classical Music Evolved

Leonard Bernstein explains the evolution of classical music from Bach through the 20th century. This was the first in a series of lectures, called The Unanswered QuestionsFind them all on YouTube by clicking here.

Just for Fun – The Beatles Ask:
“Wanna Be A Paperback Writer?”

It’s just our opinion, but maybe don’t write 1,000 pages then promise more in a week or two. If you can’t tell your story in fewer pages, reassess your career goals. “Paperback Writer” is a classic Beatles hit. Written in 1966, it was inspired by Paul McCartney‘s aunt, who challenged him to write about something other than the topic of love.

From an interview with McCartney in New Musical Express, he said: “This came about because I love the word ‘paperback‘… when we did the song, we wrote the words down like we were writing a letter. We sort of started off ‘Dear Sir or Madam,’ then carried on from there. If you look at the words I think you’ll see what I mean, the way they flow like a letter. But that’s it really, there’s no story behind it and it wasn’t inspired by any real-life characters.”


Le Creuset is coveted cookware, handmade at its factory in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France. Its enameled cast iron cookware is pricey but lasts forever. Pieces are literally handed down through the generations, and have become a fixture in kitchens the world over.

Vintage Hermes

Christie’s Handbags & Accessories specialists look at the ‘holy trinity’ of Hermès bags; the Kelly, the Constance, and the Birkin. These bags are investment pieces, and, if well taken care of, will actually become more valuable over time. Bags range from just a few thousand, to upwards of $400,000, making them quite a statement piece.

Matcha Deliciousness

Matcha is a finely ground green tea. It is touted for its health benefits and can be found in many items, from all sorts of health drinks to baked goods. To make it is not as easy as just dunking a bag into hot water. From The Strategist:The Best Matcha Powders, According to Matcha Obsessives“Preparing a cup of matcha can be a finicky process, even more so than brewing the perfect cup of coffee, and that starts with the matcha powder itself… So picking the best matcha powders is a critical first step to enjoying the final matcha-filled product, whether you’re planning on drinking it straight or baking with it.”


The fine art of piano making –The red spruce growing in the Val Di Fiemme of Italy’s Dolomites are prized by instrument makers all over the world. Some of the best planks wind up at the piano factory of Paolo Fazioli, a pianist and engineer turned piano maker. They’ve been turning out these meticulously produced instruments for over 40 years.

Just for Fun
There’s Nothing We Can Do,
We Are Totally Fixed Where We Are

“Totally Fixed Where We Are” – “Total Eclipse of the Heart” adapted by the Marsh Family Yes. All of this. Just…. yes.

Upcoming Streaming Shows

TONIGHT! An Acoustic Evening with The Wheel

A free two-hour set streamed live from our stage! February 27, 8 PM

Hailing from the Capital Region of NYS The Wheel was founded by Andy Morse (aka Andy “The Music Man”) in 2010. Band members Bryan Gautie on lead guitar, Rick Rothermel on keys, Dave Pallas on bass, Joe Sobero on drums, Jill Gautie on vocals, and Andy Morse on rhythm guitar all playing tribute to the timeless music of the Dead.

This performance is free, no ticket required, but tips encouraged!

Support your local eatery while supporting local artists! From February 23rd through the 27th, visit our friends and local Deadheads, Bacchus Wood Fired in Troy, for a special discount in honor of The Wheel’s live stream straight from the Hall stage.

When placing your order, by phone at (518) 687-0345, mention the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall or your intention to tune in to The Wheel on Feb. 27th and receive 20% off* your Bacchus Wood Fired order!

*Offer is good at Bacchus Wood Fired starting February 23rd through closing on February 27th. Offer is not retroactive and cannot be combined with any other offer. If you have any questions, please contact the team at Bacchus Wood Fired at (518) 687-0345.

The Musicians of Ma’alwyck

The Musicians of Ma’alwyck partner with Albany Pro Musica in a concert of traditional Celtic and American music. This concert features choral and instrumental arrangements of beloved folk music from both sides of the Atlantic – you won’t want to miss it! Click here for all the info.

Shake that Silk Maker!

It’s the Dance of the Peacock Spider, and their moves are impressive!

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