Robby Baier set to release new LP “Making Spaces”

Robby Baier started making up songs on the ukulele and recording himself on a tape deck at the age of six. At the same time, his mother, Sibylle Baier, was writing and recording her songs for Colour Green in her bedroom down the hall.

Over the years, Robby has released four records with his rock band, Melodrome, as well as one solo record called Soultube. His band “Pearls at Swine” (Berlin) was signed to BMG records in the late 90’s and released four records.

Robby has worked as a producer on over 100 projects with various artists in The Berkshires, Massachusetts and Hydra in Greece. He handled his mother’s album release for Colour Green and continues to manage her career. He has composed music for the Oscar nominated film “Ferry Tales”, national TV commercials (Coors, Miller) as well as many other TV shows and films (Walker Texas Ranger, Drowning Mona, Time Cop…).

After years of helping others achieve success in the music industry, Robby finally found a way to “make space” for his second solo album set to release on March 12th.

“Sometimes when you finish writing a song it is still a little shy. It does not want to get recorded right away. You have to come and knock over and over again until it is ready to let you in. And so it was with about half the songs on this record. While it was all good when I was recording the album in 2018, by the time I had finished it, these old songs felt strange to me sitting next to the new ones on the album. So, I just let the whole finished record sit to focus instead on my midlife crisis: I bought a sports car, fixed up my house and thought about what to do next. My father passed away. I finally listened to the songs again a few years later, and, to my pleasant surprise, with the passage of time, they now felt like they had become glued together as a cohesive collection! I no longer felt like they were just a bunch of random orphans and stragglers. It feels so nice to be able to feel proud of this record now!” – Robby Baier

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