Top Tips for Live Music (for the week beginning March 8th)

Are we turning the corner?  Starting April 2, indoor arts and entertainment venues can open at 33% capacity (maximum 100 people).  I don’t know if it’s financially viable to host shows under those constraints, but it’s a step forward nonetheless.

Old Songs announced that their yearly multi-day Festival – usually held at the Altamont Fairgrounds – will be virtual this year.  While obviously not the same as in person, you have to give kudos to the organization for its creativity and resiliency.  Additionally, the Strand Theatre in Hudson Falls announced its schedule through April.  The good news here is that, while the March shows remain virtual, the April ones resume live attendance.


Best bet: Local treasure Chuck Lamb and his trio perform a tribute show to the incomparable Chick Corea at Caffe Lena Tuesday night.  What better way to celebrate the life of this legend, who sadly passed away from cancer last month.

Live this week:

Monday, March 8

Tuesday, March 9

Thursday, March 11

Friday, March 12

Saturday, March 13

Sunday, March 14

Just announced:

The Falcon

  • {March 19} (While you dine:) The Balkun Brothers (7:00) 
  • {March 20} (While you dine:) Ed Palermo’s Chemistry Set (7:00) 
  • {March 21} (While you dine:) Deadgrass and Friends (7:00) 
  • {March 26} (While you dine:) Johnny Rosch and Friends (7:00) 
  • {March 27} (While you dine:) Ed Palermo’s Chemistry Set (7:00) 
  • {March 28} (While you dine:) Dan Blake and Da Fe (7:00) 

The Strand Theatre

  • {March 19} The Va Va Voodoos (7:15) {online}
  • {March 21} Michael Primeau (7:00) {online}
  • {March 26} Sheetless Ghost (7:15) {online}
  • {March 27} The Strand House Band’s Greatest Hits (8:00) {online}
  • {March 28} Deb Cavanaugh (3:00) {online}
  • {April 2} Channel 34 (7:15) {live}
  • {April 3} Johnny Morse and Friends / Kristen Capolino (8:00) {live}
  • {April 9} Joe Bama’s Sketches of Influence Live Recording Sessions (7:00) {live}
  • {April 10} Joe Bama’s Sketches of Influence Live Recording Sessions (7:00) {live}
  • {April 11} Joe Bama’s Sketches of Influence Live Recording Sessions (3:00) {live}
  • {April 16} Led Sabbath (7:15} {live} (postponed from 3/6)
  • {April 17} Monsters of Rock (7:30) {live}
  • {April 18} The Jazz Collective (3:00) {live}
  • {April 24} The Oldies Show (7:00) {live}

Caffe Lena Live Stream {online}

  • {March 22} Rick’s Picks Local Showcase: Turnover Mule (7:00)
  • {March 24} Bluegrass NIght with Red Spruce (7:00)
  • {March 31} Blues Night with Saratoga Acoustic Blues Society (7:00)

The Academy of Music: Peter Wolf and the Midnight Travelers (was 4/24) postponed (no new date yet).

New Shows

  • {April 2} Magos Herrera (3:00) {online}
  • {April 2} Magos Herrera (9:00) {online}

Old Songs {online}

  • {April 17} Sharon Katz and the Peace Train
  • {June 25-27} The 2021 Virtual Old Songs Festival {online}

The 8th Step 

  • {June 11} Tom Rush (7:30)

The Egg: Shawn Colvin (was 4/1) postponed to May 3, 2022.  

Levon Helm Studios:  Marco Benevento (was 4/16 – 4/17) postponed to October 29-30.

Did you miss last week’s concert announcements? Find them here.

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