The Beat from Troy Music Hall #62, Pizza. That’s it. All Pizza


Such a simple food that inspires all kinds of art! Over the last year, we can confidently say we’ve all consumed more of this amazing dish, and we are lucky to have so many delicious choices. Just in Troy alone, there is Bacchus Wood Fired, DeFazio’s, I Love NY, The Red Front, and so many more. Join us today as we go on a pizza journey. Oh, and we hope this inspires you to order from your favorite pizza place tonight!

What is your favorite type of pizza?

It’s Such a Pizza Day, I’m Glad I Spent it with Food

The Pizza Underground is a pizza fueled homage to the Velvet Underground. This band was started by actor Macaulay Culkin, who demonstrates a great sense of humor, while reviving, according to Salon, the greatest genre of music none of us know about – Pizza Rock! Read the full, very tongues-in-cheek, article here: The Seven Best Songs About Pizza Ever Recorded.

Pizza Time! $5 VS $135 Pies

Is it worth it? Here we see the dynamic duo of Andrew and Steve try a $5 pie, a $12 pie, and a $135 pie, which is covered in shaved truffles. Which one do they like the most? Which would you choose?

Grandma Pizza is the Best Pizza!

Ma Gina knows what’s up. Lucky for us, she scaled this recipe down from using 20 pounds of flour to a measly 5 pounds of flour. Enjoy what seems like a very old-school recipe with a few twists for this delicious dish – including placing the dough on the couch and wrapping it in not one, not two, but three blankets, and adding the mozzarella on mid-way through the bake.

Rhett and Link Rank Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizza, we’ve all bought it. You may even have some in your freezer right now. Rhett and Link, from Good Mythical Morning, embark on a quest to rank them from worst to best. Will Tombstone, DiGiorno’s, or Totino’s come out on top? Watch to find out!

Spread Good News

Get vaccinated! Maybe you’ll get lucky and hear some beautiful music from a musical genius, just like the lucky people in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Cellist Yo-Yo Ma gave an impromptu performance in a vaccine waiting room after having just received his second dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

Just for Fun!

How Many Daves do you Know?

Think about it, you probably know at least three or four people named Dave. Bruce McCulloch from Kids in the Hall found inspiration in all his Dave’s and put his thoughts to music.

Pizza Rat is a Piece of Performance Art

Over 11 million people rooted for this rat as it valiantly attempted to drag its dinner down to its lair. Some of those 11 million quickly criticized the poor creature for abandoning the slice with only one step to go!

First, Vox thought they explained it all with this article: Pizza Rat: New York City’s infamous rodent, explained

But! It turns out this little video was staged! This performance art piece was “organized around the idea that disrupting the mundane is a basic service to human existence,” just one piece of a puzzle with more to come, or so says the artist, Zardulu. Read the full story here: Where Pizza Rat, fake news, and art collide, there’s a wizard named Zardulu

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