Album Review: Reese Fulmer’s “Row I” & “Row II”


Editors Note: Nippertown collaborated with Music Teacher (and pretty phenomenal musician) Katy Ashe to have her Johnsburg Central students review a local musician’s new music. The goal is to highlight young writers and shine the spotlight on our local artists, in this case, Reese Fulmer.

Review by Maria Ordway

Reese Fulmer, a new up-and-coming artist out of Saratoga Springs, just released two parts of an album called Row. (Note: there are now three parts as of the publishing of this article) Reese had six songs on the first two releases, all with different meanings and stories that were relatable. Reese left his songs open for the listeners’ interpretation and imagination by using metaphors. Three great songs on this album are “Peach Tree ”, “Cattle and Crows’ ‘, and “Let the kids go hungry”. These three songs brought a diversity of sound, meaning, and tone to the album which is why they stood out more than the other songs.

The song “Peach Tree” began with a long intro of instrumental music which forced the listener to be patient and appreciate the beauty of the unique instruments being played. Once brought past the long intro you enter into a beautiful and moving folk song about how possibilities and chances can have a large impact on people’s lives for the better. Reese Fulmer has a nice voice and is a great storyteller. The diverse instrumental choices brought life and calmness to the song in an unexpected way. I enjoyed listening to this song because it had a nice flow, was very vibrant, and had a great beat to it. I would recommend this song to anyone who enjoys alternative folk music and has an appreciation for unique instruments.

Reese’s song “Cattle & Crows” is unforgettable and stands out from his other songs on this album. What caught my attention to this song was not just the originality of the words but also Reese’s voice which made a deep and powerful impact on the tone of the song. Using the beauty of nature in this song as metaphors, Reese sings the story of a man who is falling for a girl that doesn’t know he loves her. The man has to move on because there is more than one girl that wants to be with him. By the end of this love story, the two falls in love with other people and have unfortunately gone their separate ways. My favorite part of this song was how much of an impact Fulmer made on the listeners with just his voice and tone. 

With a western flare and catchy beat, Reese sings about a big economic challenge facing today’s society in his song “Let the kids go hungry”. This song hits on the big economic problem of poverty and how the upper class could be doing more to help the lower class financially. I enjoyed this song because of its country sound and smooth beat. I think that Reese did a great job conveying his message to his listeners. He made his message very clear and left no room for interpretation which showed how important this problem is to him. Reese Fulmer’s unforgettable and beautifully crafted album full of diversity and inspiration called Row II was amazing to listen to. I loved how each song on this album was easy to relate to and very imaginative. Reese is a great singer and his music shows the talent and passion he has for his work. This album was impactful, powerful and showed the real meaning behind each story. I enjoyed being able to review this album and hear the different songs on it. I am very excited to hear the next song Reese Fulmer releases and all the interesting stories that he sings.

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