National Poetry Month: Grandpa’s Swing

A couple of poems exist by your creativity. It feels pretty good. Total sense of accomplishment. Yup, you did that or you collaborated on that. (I see the Applause sign) Now, might be a good time to take a nap before you write poem number three. For you newbies, check out the other columns. (pretty please

Again, here is the list for the first set of prompts: April 1st-water, April 2nd-shoe, April 3rd-trees, April 4th-calculator, April 5th-spoon, April 6th-parade, April 7th-song. 

Grandpa’s Swing 

This magnificent oak has seen its final wind 
Those myriad of rings that time did tell 
I’ll miss my oldest friend 
Grandpa planted plenty of trees on the property 
Specifically, this tree was for Nana 
A gift with the house, he toiled forever 
It shielded her garden from direct sunlight 
It held robin’s nests on boughs at night 
A beauty draped with winter’s snow 
A climbed fortress for the younger me 
It dropped dead branches and leaves 
Housed and protected some young squirrels 
Now infected and dead to the world 
For the tree service to fell 
Only this swing, to remind me 
Of a past and their cherished lives 

By Carol Durant 

I need some cake. Chat soon.

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