It’s Local 518 Thursday on WEXT, April 8th

It’s Local 518! Links included for the artist/band and song featured on the show so Nippertown readers can find out more about them, and support by listening to & purchasing the songs. A version of the following is posted on the Local 518 Facebook page. Miss the show? Listen to it and previous ones at the WEXT Radio Local 518 Show webpage.

Tonight at 11:00pm on WEXT Radio Local 518 Show host Andy Gregory has a fresh springy playlist featuring…
Pink Nois (ft. Lone Phone Booth & Laveda) – “Silver Sabre
Taylor Ortiz – “Sunlight (V1)
State Champs – “10 AM
Simple Sin – “Runaway
Liam Singer – “Heavy Water / I’d Rather Be Sleeping (Grouper)
Dark Honey – “Death In Your Eyes

Blotto is arguably Albany’s best known rock n roll export within the 48 contiguous states. Formed out of the ashes of The Star-Spangled Washboard Band, they quickly earned a local following and far beyond. Their clever, catchy and humorous songs covered a wide variety of music styles, and their live shows were events not to be missed.

Late in 2020, Paul Rapp (Lee Harvey Blotto) and the remaining band members began to release ‘The Blotto Live Archive,’ newly discovered recordings of complete live shows, beginning with one recorded on Long Island at a club called My Father’s Place on June 26 1980. “I Wanna Be A Lifeguard” was becoming a hit, Blanche was still touring with the boys, and the place was packed and rowdy, apparently overrun by upstaters.

If we close our eyes we can pretend we’re part of the upstate contingent in the crowd as Broadway introduces Sarge and the teenage love and death Attic Classic, “My Baby’s The Star of a Driver’s Ed Movie.”

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