Stories from a Bar #42, Dan McLaughlin of The Pony Bar

In Episode 42 of Stories From A Bar Chris is hanging out (virtually) with Dan McLaughlin, owner of The Pony Bar located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Opened in 2009, The Pony Bar has become an iconic New York City stop for American Made Craft Beer.

While he officially resides in Saratoga now Dan has spent years living in NYC working at bars, running his own places, and learning all about the craft beer scene. Dan and Chris go on to talk about what lead him to NYC, how The Pony Bar came to be, how things have changed, and what goes into making a name for yourself in a city as big as New York. This is of course also talk of a shirtless man on roller skates covered in rats. Why you ask? Because it’s New York City, that’s why.

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