The Capital Brew Podcast #22: Troy Beer Garden

This week’s episode takes place at Matt Baumgartner’s soon-to-be Troy Beer Garden. We had the pleasure to meet the new GM Jack and house Horticulturist Billy.

Jack has a strong background in the local bar scene and as Billy describes him, “will excel anywhere.” Making Jack the wise choice as the GM for the new Troy Beer Garden. You can quickly tell that Jack’s strongest attributes are his dedication and flexibility to give Mr. Baumgartner’s vision life. Jack even gave up bacon to better understand the plant-based culture that the Troy Beer Garden menu reflects.

Billy on the other hand is a walking encyclopedia and appears as someone thirsty for knowledge. This Louisianian now living in Albany, can seemingly talk about anything in great detail. Mix that with a great sense of humor makes for a great conversation.

We had a great time and looking forward to the opening of our newest local watering hole.

Listen to “Ep. 22 Troy Beer Garden” on Spreaker.

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