Stories from a Bar #43, Mixed Breed Brewing

For Episode 43 of Stories From A Bar, Chris is back on location for the first time since November! This time he had a chance to visit the brand-new Mixed Breed Brewing in Guilderland, NY before their grand opening and chat with 3 of the 5 co-owners. Guy Bucey, Josh Matot, and Matt Mead join Chris to talk all about the brewery, how it came together, and their hopes for it.

While existing breweries had to adjust to operating in a pandemic, the guys at Mixed Breed Brewing took that opportunity to learn from them to better prepare for their own opening. The guys also go on to talk about not only their desire to brew good beer but also their desire to teach people about craft beer as well. With diagrams of equipment on the walls, screens to display tank information over the bar, and the guys even going as far as moving their cooler to make sure people can watch them at work when brewing, Mixed Breed will be a place for craft beer nerds and casual drinkers alike.

Check out Episode 43 of the Stories From A Bar to get to know more about Mixed Breed Brewing and some of the guys behind it. You’ll find the show on all major podcast platforms so be sure to like and subscribe. Also, follow Stories From A Bar on Facebook, Twitter (@StoriesFAB), and Instagram to see what’s coming up or general fun shenanigans. Lastly, a big thank you to Guy, Josh, and Matt for being on the show!

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