The Local Lens: The FALLS are alive, with the Sound of Music

The FALLS are alive, with the Sound of Music

Hudson Falls, that is, specifically, The Strand Theater

Saturday night, April 3 there was electricity in the air. A buzz of excitement as band members loaded their gear into the Strand Theater.  You could feel the spark, as each artist did their own thing before the show, whether it was chatting with old friends, tuning their instruments, going over setlists, or, just pacing…whatever they needed to do to find their focus.

cover all
Johnny Morse All Stars

It was one of the first MULTI-BAND, LIVE ROCK shows at The Strand since the world stopped a little over a year ago.
And boy did Johnny Morse and his All-Star band bring it back to life!

john m
John Morse

Bringing together some of the area’s top guitar players and shredders, each highly regarded on their own merit, consisting of Johnny Morse, a true legend who has been the platform of so many new artists in the area, Kristen Capolino small in stature, but a powerhouse in talent,  Ron Toth traveling with Last Pharaoh, and Johnny Clifford, long time local boy, now, heading the epitome of Tom Petty tribute bands, The Broken-Hearted; Tom Petty Tribute band, as well as his solo career, all flanked by the wailing bass of Paul Fraim!  Add to the mix the sax of Rocking Rob Carson, Precise keyboards of Jim Robinson, a long-time member of Dirt Cheap based in the Glens Falls area and the heartbeat of it all, Stormin’ Norman on Drums.

ron t 2
Ron Toth

In true Morse style, he took the stage, blasting out LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL, and one by one, brought on more performers to the stage, resulting in a thunderous, rocking show.
As each performer entered the stage, they each did a bit of showcasing of their own art.  So, they were separate, but together- it had an easy feel, as though we, in the audience, had privy to watch a bunch of friends just hanging out, jamming some tunes, and having a great time, each supporting one another.

johnny c
Johnny Clifford

Although the venue was capped at only 100 total attendees, and the show brought in very close to that number, I was surprised that it wasn’t at full capacity, since so many people have been crying for live shows, and here we had some of the best in the area, and there were still a few seats available.  This was not due to the talent, but rather what appears an apathy on the part of the fans.

kristen c
Kristen Capolino

I hope that going forward, even more fans will get out there to support the artists, they help us so much. How many of you have turned to music to soothe during this past year? Or to invigorate, when you realized you had to get out of your pajamas or sweats and off the couch eventually? The area is so rich in talent, we must all support it, keep it alive, and show the next generation what they might be missing out by just plugging in to hear their tunes, rather than get the full live band experience.

paul f
Paul Fraim

Where is the music you ask? Easiest way to track and plan, is to follow the local bands on social media, or check out their websites. If they have an email list, subscribe to it, so you can be the first to know.
As well as, obviously checking out and subscribing to the local online magazines based such as Nippertown!

tommy l 6
Tommy Love

There are many venues staying open later , and planning outdoor shows. Music in the parks, and in the streets.
Let’s all get out there and support these artists, and realize how truly lucky we are to be living in an area with such a rich history of talent. Seriously, you can pay $200 for a seat at a large venue in a nosebleed seat, never seeing the performer closer than the big screen tv blocking the view, or, take in the soul of the locals, the ones who know you, and will truly say thank you for being here. Let’s not take these guys and gals for granted. Music can only stay alive in the hearts of those willing to lend an ear.

Hope to see you out there!

Photo Gallery by Stephanie Bartik

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