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NPR’s Tiny Desk

We love NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts! Originally they were all filmed in the NPR Offices in DC (you can take the tour, it’s fascinating.) When the pandemic hit, they pivoted and create Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts, where the artists filmed themselves in their own environment. The concerts run the gamut, from classical and pop, to hip hop and rap, and occasionally venture into the whimsical with performances from the Muppets and the Blue Man Group.

If you aren’t familiar, check out some of these performances below, and peruse their whole archive by clicking here.

Kirk Franklin: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

This recent performance from Kirk Franklin’s band and choir reminded us of how much we enjoy gospel music.From NPR’s description: “For nearly 30 years, Franklin has been widely regarded for revolutionizing gospel. He incorporated secular music, particularly hip-hop, while preserving the message and integrity of traditional gospel. Here, he and his powerhouse choir pace through a decades-long, sixteen Grammy award-winning discography of faith, praise and encouragement while cracking plenty of jokes. I cannot recall a more moving Tiny Desk home performance.”

The Blue Man Group = Chaotic Good

The Blue Man Group had shows running in New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Boston, Chicago and Berlin. They never say a word, but they created a night of whimsical and magical fun! They also create their own, rather unique, instruments. Watch as they run amok in the NPR offices.

Gregory Porter = Lawful Good

Gregory Porter graced the Music Hall stage in 2017 and performed to a packed house. He is known for his beautiful voice and phrasing, and for his unique choice of headwear. He originally started wearing the head scarf after some surgery on his face, but it soon became part of his look and he now calls it his “jazz hat.”

This is One of our Favorites!

Another band we love is St. Paul And The Broken Bones! We may have even featured this video in a past version of The Beat, but it’s so good we think it deserves to be featured again. They have only been together since 2012, but you’d think they’ve been playing together forever. Enjoy!

Lizzo – See What all the Fuss is About!

We LOVE Lizzo! Her vocals, her flute playing, and her body positivity all create one powerhouse of an artist. See what all the fuss is about!* This video contains explicit language *

Just for Fun

Watch Adele Surprise Her Fans

The real Adele disguises herself to audition as an Adele impersonator. When she starts to sing, the reactions of the other people auditioning are priceless!

The Battle of Those Named Josh!
There Can Only Be One!

From the New York Times:
Josh Is the Name, and They Will Fight You for It
How “pandemic boredom” led to an internet sensation and a battle royal (with pool noodles) of many Joshes.

Upcoming Streaming Performance!

TSBMH & WEXT presentThe UpLift Commissioned Series
We are excited to bring you new music!
The UpLift Commissioned Series features musicians commissioned to create one new song that reflects their experiences during this time. Each song was performed and filmed on the Hall’s stage. The resulting videos will be premiered on YouTube and Facebook, followed by an online discussion with the artist.
Upcoming in the series:

Veena Chandra &Devesh Chandra
Friday, May 7, 2021, 7 PM

Taína Asili
Friday, May 21, 2021, 7 PM

Educators, students & homeschoolers – register for these FREE virtual performances with the Hall’s Artists-In-Residence, Quintocracy!

The Hall and Quintocracy have created a series of three free, hour-long virtual programs that introduce local students, through performance, lecture-demonstration, and Q & A sessions, to a variety of woodwind instruments. They explore “endangered instruments” not commonly found in use today, and discover the importance of collaboration as a group.More info here.

The series:
A Very Musical Journey – Friday, May 14, 7 PM
Endangered & Auxillary Instruments – Friday, May 28, 7 PM

David Attenborough ExplainsHow a Hummingbird Gets a Date!

David Attenborough explains how male Hummingbirds use their hidden colors to attract a mate. It’s fascinating! We think the Hummingbird looks almost moth-like, but you should watch and see for yourself.

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