Caffe Lena’s Update for the Week of May 3rd

Bassist Tony Markellis (far left) passed away a few days ago leaving countless music world friends, and an equal number who had nothing to do with music, tearfully and lovingly telling their Tony stories. He had gentlemanly manners, always asked about your spouse or kid, took an interest in everyone and everything, encouraged and amplified talent, told the funniest stories you ever heard, delivered good advice and guidance, mingled as naturally with major stars as with “the little guys,” and brought out the best in every band he played with.

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Let’s put our heads together and make a list of everyone Tony played with at Caffe Lena. Here’s a start: Michael Jerling, Bob Warren, Jeanne O’Connor, The Burns Sisters, Mark Tolstrup, Paul Asbell, Rosalie Sorrels, Chris Shaw, Jo Henley, Roseanne Raneri, Camille West, David Bromberg, David Amram. Write back with your favorites and we’ll post the list on our Facebook page.

Over the last twelve months, we’ve met an unprecedented number of new friends through live streaming. As our venue celebrates 61 Years, we invite you to learn about the mission of Caffe Lena beyond putting on great shows. Please check our our new Membership options and enjoy the best concert experience, whether you watch from home or from our seats.
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Monday, May 3 / 7 PM
Rick’s Picks: Tae Lewis & Pádraig Timoney
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Born in NC, emerging singer-songwriter Tae Lewis learned to sing the old-fashioned way: in his grandfather’s church. His pop-country is richly infused with soul. Pádraig is a singer, guitarist and fiddle player from Dublin who brings us authentic Irish folk songs.

Wednesday, May 5 / 7 PM
Poetry Night with
Mary Kathryn Jablonski, Mary Cuffe Perez & Will Nixon
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Inspired by spirituality, imagined futures, gardening, wilderness and our place within it all, these three published poets are earnest, humorous and deeply in tune with the world.

Thursday, May 6 / 7 PM
Teri Roiger & the SHARP 5 Quintet
Album Release
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Hudson Valley jazz singer Teri Roiger returns to our stage with her full band. They’re about to record a new album and they’re in peak form. You’ll recognize the line-up from jazz nights with Chuck Lamb: John Menegon, Jeff Siegel, Pete Levin and Nanny Assis.

Friday, May 7 / 8 PM
Girl Blue
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Singer-songwriter Arielle O’Keefe infuses her pop melodies and vocal stylings with a rare authenticity that connects deeply with listeners. The Capital Region showed their passion for her art by giving her three Eddie Awards in 2019, making her the region’s #1 Solo Artist.

Saturday, May 8 / 8 PM 
Scott Ainslie
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Ainslie has been in music his whole life, immersing himself from a young age in American folk and blues. He has a deep affection for the songs and it’s infectious. He also has tremendous fretboard skill on fretless banjo and vintage guitars. Robert Johnson is one of his specialties and his interpretations have met with wide acclaim.

Sunday, May 9 / 7 PM
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This boisterous husband and wife duo will show us their tender side with a rare acoustic set. Melody Kramer is a stand-out pop and rock singer and her performances are simply mesmerizing. Be sure to watch the livestream from home tonight!

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