LIVE: Lamb, Anderson & Sorgen @ The Falcon, 4/18/2021

Having music with a live audience no matter what genre is like having a family get-together. The concert venue whether it be a favorite concert hall or nightclub is like a home. This certainly was the case Sunday night when Lamb, Anderson & Sorgen played at the Falcon. 

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I was lucky enough to see this ensemble last month in person for their virtuosic heartfelt live-streamed tribute to the late Chick Corea at Caffe Lena, but this gig was palpably different. The vibe created by owner Tony Falco and his team’s hospitality along with the socially distanced audience made for one happy family. The musicians were grinning ear to ear and enjoying themselves as much as one would during a family reunion. 

The hour and a half set had joyous bouncy tunes opening Chuck’s “Mr. Slinky “and “Pumpkin Eater”, a song about Chuck’s late brother.  It also had a more somber side to it; the mourning of those lost in our families and our friends.  “Brother Pete” was a second song dedicated to Chuck’s later brother, who was tragically lost to COVID last year. Chuck shared that he finally will be able to personally join his family in Colorado to celebrate Pete’s life.  

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Drummer Harvey Sorgen announced another homage and tribute. The homage was to Harvey’s years with Jorma Kaukonen/Jack Casady aka Hot Tuna. The dedication was to pianist Frank Kimbrough. The song was the classic “Embryonic Journey” first heard on Jefferson Airplane’s groundbreaking 1967 album “Surrealistic Pillow. This interpretation is the first I have heard without Jorma playing. The melody was played extremely adagio with a highly pastoral feeling by Chuck.  Jay delicately accompanied with bass and Harvey with brushes. 

The set closed with an original Harvest Time; a tune dedicated to bountifulness. There were shades of both Brubeck and Corea in the joyous tune. A celebration of life and all its wonder. 

Many of the tunes are featured in their Bandcamp release First Mile. It was great to see live music again with an audience. More of this will come in time hopefully sooner rather than later. 

Photo Gallery by Rudy Lu

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