Caffe Lena’s Update for the Week of May 10th

The place smells like warm cookies and hot coffee again! The volunteers are back! And after having put our Bright Series on pause for the past year, we’re giving the pandemic yet another little shove out the door as Taylor Ashton (above) reignites the series this weekend. The monthly Bright shows feature fresh, contemporary roots-based musicians who are making waves in the national folk scene, getting strong radio play, charting, releasing albums, developing a strong following on social media, touring hard, and selling out venues. Taylor’s first solo album, The Romantic (Signature Sounds), came out at the end of February, 2020. Finally, we get to hear it on a real stage.

The 61st AnniversaryMay Membership Drive is off to a good start! Renewals are coming in fast and furious (y’all rock!!) and we have welcomed 12 first-time members toward our goal of 61 by May 31st. Whether you’re a Streamer or getting ready to resume in-person visits, we have membership packages designed to give you the best concert experience AND fund Lena’s mission. Learn more HERE.

See you at the show,

Monday, May 10 / 7 PM
Rick’s Picks: David J and Ethan Crowley
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Rick Bolton brings us two impressive 518 musical finds this week. Ethan Crowley is an exciting emerging artist from Saratoga. His songwriting recently caught the ear of Grammy-winner Dan Navarro who said, “It is not normal for someone so young to have such a large amount of talent.” David J is a teen country artist from Rotterdam who is making waves. At the age of 17 he has already gigged in Nashville, LA and NYC.

Tuesday, May 11 / 7 PM
Chuck Lamb Trio with Joel Frahm 
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Chuck Lamb, Jeff Siegel (drums) and Rich Syracuse (bass) are joined by special guest Joel Frahm. A 30-year veteran of the stage, Frahm’s tenor and alto sax have been heard on more than 100 records and in concert halls and festivals around the world.

Thursday, May 13 / 7 PM
An Evening with Pete Sutherland
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Pete is a legend of the Northeast folk world, adding his fiddle and banjo to countless bands and recordings & inspiring generations of new musicians to carry the tradition forward. Tonight he celebrates his 70th birthday doing what he loves best: sharing beautiful, timeless songs with friends.

Friday, May 14 / 8 PM
The Restless Age
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These guys fly under the radar, but we’re onto them. With their seamless harmony singing, top-flight studio musician chops and incredible pop-rock artistry, we’ve fallen head over heels for The Restless Age. Will Bryan, Lee Falco and Brandon Morrison tour with Donald Fagen (Steely Dan), play in the Woodstock scene at Levon’s barn and elsewhere, and occasionally take the stage as a trio with original songs you won’t be able to get enough.

Saturday, May 15 / 8 PM
Bright Series: Taylor Ashton
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The Bright Series is your chance to discover great new music. Born in the last year of the 1980s, Taylor Ashton grew up surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the old growth rainforests of Canada’s west coast. His songs are inspired by the primeval crookedness of traditional old-time music, the humor and heartbreak of Randy Newman, the cosmic emotionality of mid-career Joni Mitchell, and the sage vulnerability of Bill Withers. Somehow, he finds a way to make this all work on the clawhammer banjo.

Sunday, May 16 / 7 PM
Guy Davis Album Release
Opener: Joe D’Urso
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Acoustic bluesman, storyteller, Broadway actor Guy Davis is celebrating the release of a new album! His shows are meaty, emotional and mesmerizing. Great to have him back!

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