WailOn Celebrates Live Outlaw Country Music at The Strand

It was Mother’s Day weekend, and Jim’s mother always loved those old country tunes. To honor her, we drove up to enjoy WailOn, a tribute band to Waylon Jennings, that was performing at Hudson Falls’ historic Strand Theatre.
We arrived a bit early and took a gamble on the Irish Pub next door. Not expecting much, we ordered some soups and appetizers, planning to quickly snack before heading into The Strand.

We were pleasantly surprised by the soup and chilis we ordered. Both had complex seasonings and were well thought out by the chef. Our garlic wings were covered in cloves of roasted garlic, a tasty treat, and the pub pretzel’s queso clearly combined cheddar with chili and cumin. We highly recommend making extra time for a stop at the Irish Pub prior to a show and plan to stop there again for a larger meal.

The Strand Theatre is a historic venue that proudly wears its heritage, posting old ticket prices, found wrappers, and programs on its walls. We were warmly greeted and sign-in was required for contact tracing. All wore masks in the door.

Once in the theatre, we were struck by how intimate the setting felt. Hosting guests upstairs in a balcony and in an orchestra like downstairs, The Strand can only host small groups at a time. 

WailOn fans quickly found seats and clapped along as the group celebrated the music of Waylon Jennings, Jessi Coulter, and other greats like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and they even closed with Elvis’s “Suspicious Minds” (written by Mark James). Offering lessons on Outlaw Country history, the group members played their music with ease. While initially nervous. the six-member band found its groove and celebrating the live reunion in song.

Featuring Chris Wiski as “Waylon” and JJ Raymond as “Jessi” – and the WailOn band: Archie Anderson, guitar/vocals; Les Wheeler, guitar/harmonica/vocals; Joseph Woodul, drums; Roger Noyes, pedal steel. WailOn band members clearly love Outlaw Country and playing together. It was a fun night with strong musical performances by their percussionist and harmonica players. If you like old-style country, WailOn is not to be missed!

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