Capital Underground: Holding up the mic for local hip hop

Editor’s Note: Ralph Renna hosts the Capital Underground podcast on Nippertown. The Capital Underground Podcast is a weekly one-hour program released every Monday morning at 9 am featuring local music from the Capital Region.

During the years 1988-2006, I was very fortunate to get to rub elbows with the bands and artists that paved the way for the present state of current music. I was a total fan and they were the best times of my life. Both metal and hip hop had one thing in common, both were the underdog due to the aggressive energy and sometimes violent nature of the art.

For most of us, you either dive in face first or while others run for the hills. Personally, the “Judgement Night” soundtrack, a compilation of hip hop and metal artists blending styles changed everything. This record perfectly collided and it made sense, a favorite of many music fans, a  collaboration of the underdogs. Biohazard & Onyx, Helmet & House of Pain, etc. When we were young Sick Of It All and Public Enemy were on the same mixed tape blaring on a boombox that took 8 D batteries.  

Due to the fact of commercial success of so many R&B and Rap acts, they mostly become top 40 and pop artists and eventually, it screws up the food chain.  This type of success overshadows the struggling artist. The battered &  the true and who remain underground without much recognition. But there are many hidden gold treasures right here in The 518. Capital Underground has always stood up for the local hip hop scene, spinning their music, helping with press, and bringing them to the stages of Upstate New York.

Capital Underground on Nippertown is currently adding more hip hop artists every week with some specialty programming in the works.  This is the “Who’s spittin’ & making beats” guide to 518 Hip Hop.  See links to 518 artist videos below, featuring current freestylers and the best from the past 15 years. Get in there!  

JB!! aka Dirty Moses – Black Boy Magic (Official Video)

Big Malk – Afterglow (Feat. Sev Statik) (Official Video)

Tony Louie x Rell Dolo No Spaghetti (Official Music Video)


Big Rush – Do It produced by Teddy Roxpin

Look Into My Eyes – Xkwisit and Mista Pigz

(OFFICIAL VIDEO) MR. SPACE MAN featuring Sara Shine

Moses Rockwell & Dezmatic – “Avocado Pit”

Selli Paper – “Im So Troy” Freestyle

Circus (Official Music Video) Lou Laden Feat. Mr. Clarke. Shot by Derek Dreamfilms The Oven Party

Emcee Graffiti – “Leviathan” produced by Joat

Sime Gezus  LAMB

Silent Medley

“On My Way” by Jae Are and Trilly Kolla (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Giant Gorilla Dog Thing – “Terrible People”

No Wonder – Bezzolay (feat. Albany Lou, Bout a Dolla & Rockstar Evening)

Young Cobain – I Got It (Official Lyric Video)

It That Betrays “August Underground”

Bonus “Ruthless”

Rockstar Evening–“Look Into My Eyes”***(Official Video)***

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