MAY 16: The Daily Flashback

1888: The first demonstration of recording on a flat disc was demonstrated by Emile Berliner.
1929: The first Academy Awards were held in Hollywood; “Wings” was honored with the first Best Picture Oscar.
1946: The Irving Berlin musical “Annie Get Your Gun” opened on Broadway, the first of 1,147 performances.
1963: After 22 Earth orbits Gordon Cooper returned to Earth, ending Project Mercury.
1965: Spaghetti-O’s were sold for the first time.
1966: The Beach Boys album Pet Sounds was released; Bob Dylan released Blonde on Blonde, rock’s first big double album.
1971: The price of a first class U.S. postage stamp increased from six to eight cents.
1980: Dr. George C. Nichopoulos was indicted in Memphis on 14 counts of over-prescribing drugs to Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and nine other patients.
1985: The National Basketball Association named Michael Jordan as Rookie of the Year.
1986: Caitlin O’Riordan and Elvis Costello were married in Dublin.
1992: The Endeavour space shuttle landed safely after its maiden voyage.
2000: Britney Spears’s sophomore album Oops!..I Did It Again was released.

1913: Woody Herman
1919: Liberace
1930: Betty Carter
1937: Yvonne Craig
1944: Billy Cobham
1946: Robert Fripp
1949: Bill “Sputnik” Spooner
1951: Jonathan Richman
1959: Mare Winningham
1965: Krist Novoselic
1966: Janet Jackson
1986: Megan Fox

1953: Django Reinhardt
1990: Sammy Davis Jr.
2010: Ronnie James Dio

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