MAY 17: The Daily Flashback

1875: In Louisville, the first Kentucky Derby was run.
1958: Jerry Lee Lewis Day was held in his hometown of Farriday, Louisiana.
1965: The FBI ends its two-year investigation into the Kingsmen song “Louie Louie,” determining that the largely indecipherable lyrics are not obscene.
1966: Bob Dylan, who had recently gone electric, performed at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester, England. Just before he began his latest hit, “Like a Rolling Stone,” a member of the audience shouted, “Judas!” Dylan responded with, “I don’t believe you,” adding, “You’re a liar!” He then proceeded to tell the band to play the song “fucking loud.”
1967: D.A. Pennebaker’s acclaimed Bob Dylan documentary, “Don’t Look Back,” premiered at the Presidio Theatre in San Francisco.
1969: The Who released their album Tommy in the U.S.
1971: The musical Godspell opened in New York City and ran for 2,124 performances.
1980: Peter Criss left Kiss to pursue a solo career.

1866: Erik Satie
1925: Red Smiley
1932: Jackie McLean
1936: Dennis Hopper
1942: Taj Mahal
1944: Jesse Winchester
1948: Bill Bruford
1961: Enya
1963: Page McConnell
1965: Trent Reznor
1970: Jordan Knight
1973: Josh Homme

1992: Lawrence Welk
1996: Johnny “Guitar” Watson
2002: Little Johnny Taylor
2012: Donna Summer
2017: Chris Cornell

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