Photo Gallery: Anne Marie McDermott @ Troy Music Hall, 04/23/2021

I received a call from Yamaha corporation that one of their hand built grand pianos was sent up from NYC to be transported on the stage of the Troy Music Hall. Do I want to photograph the event? I immediately answered, ‘Hell yea!’ So on April 23, 2021, I made it down to that hallowed hall, one of a dozen in the USA with the best acoustics in North America!

The brilliant interpreter/performer, and a lovely artist, in the world of classical piano music, Anna Marie McDermott, would be playing the Yamaha piano as one of their Label-sponsored performers (See her Bio on the web, it’s amazing, like her playing).

What’s equally amazing is that the Record Label recording that day, Bridge Records, nominated for 32 Grammys, and its producer, David Starobin, nominated also for a Grammy and who was/is among the great ‘influential’ American classical guitarists was at the helm of the session. His wife Becky was there and is part of the amazing team that puts out such amazing recordings!

I had about 20 minutes to capture the feel and texture of the venue, the artist, and the atmosphere of the hall. It was a whirlwind of running around within a time limitation, but so satisfying! I was honored to be there for all that were there recording, performing and the Troy Music Hall, itself!

Photo Gallery by Andrzej Pilarczyk

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