The Beat from Troy Music Hall #70, Ready, Set, Grow!

It’s that time of year! How’s your garden growing? I’m currently trying to nurse my basil plants back to some semblance of life, and all of my parsley was eaten last night by a hungry groundhog. I hope your endeavors are more successful than mine!This week’s videos are educational to those of us who lack a green thumb and inspirational for those of you who are successful in your gardens! – Karen, editor

Octopus’s Garden

Who wouldn’t want to be in an octopus’s garden in the shade? This Beatles’ hit is the perfect song to kick off our gardening edition.

Fun fact – the Muppets have covered this song three times!

What was the inspiration for Ringo Starr’s irreverent and fantastical fantasy masterpiece? We found in answer in this article from ATWOOD Magazine:“Multiple sources cite a boat trip with comedian Peter Sellers in Sardinia as the song’s origin. Starr supposedly ordered fish and chips for lunch, and received a helping of squid instead – which led to a lengthy discussion with the boat’s captain about how octopuses (yes, the plural of “octopus” is, in fact, “octopuses”) will scour the sea bed for rocks, stones, and other objects they use to build gardens.”

What Goes On at Martha’s Farm

“Gardens have to be planned, they aren’t random,” so says gardening/home guru Martha Stewart. Take a tour of her 153-acre estate that she’s been staying at since the start of the pandemic. She’s planted hundreds of trees and has very definite opinions on the colors she prefers in her garden. Do you agree?

Sugar Magnolia & Scarlet Begonias

Flowers have been the inspiration for many, many songs. The Grateful Dead alone has two classics that feature beautiful blooms.

From their YouTube channel, they describe this video:”This is the opening sequence from one of the most famous, and highly regarded, Grateful Dead shows of all time, the Closing Of Winterland. With opening acts the New Riders of the Purple Sage and the Blues Brothers, the Dead didn’t hit the stage until midnight, and played until the sun rose. Bill Graham served breakfast to everyone after the show.” – David Lemieux

How Much Does it Cost to Grow Your Own Tomatoes?

We will gladly send the management a jar of our wife’s green-tomato pickle from last summer’s crop — dark green, spicy, delicious, costlier than pearls when you consider the overhead. –E. B. White

NPR Books talks to William Alexander about his garden, and the sticker shock that came with it:”Like many aspiring gardeners, William Alexander wondered what it would be like to be able to wander out into the yard, smell the flowers and perhaps pluck a ripe, juicy tomato from the vine anytime he wanted. In a new book, The $64 Tomato, he explores the true costs — and joys — of working one’s own soil.”

Pumpkins Screaming About Love Beyond Infinity

Get yourself down to the New York Botanical Gardens and see the new exhibit by 92-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, aka the Princess of Polka Dots. “KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature” features the artist’s iconic polka dots and pumpkins. It runs through October 31, 2021, click here for more information or to plan your trip.

How to Plant an Herb Garden

This is for those of us who need the basics! Here, Chef John Mitzewich, from the very popular vlog Food Wishes, shows us how to plant and grow the most popular herbs. The big takeaway – trim off the tops of the plants to help them grow.

2021-2022 Season so Far! More to Come!

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Squirrels! They are wily, acrobatic, intelligent, and adaptable. Whatever they want, they will find a way to get it!
We’ve featured another squirrel-related Mark Rober video before. He’s back at it, this time forcing the squirrels to plan a heist. The reward for success? A whole vault of walnuts! These squirrels are motivated.
Do they succeed? Watch to find out.

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