Live: Skeeter Creek @ Frog Alley, 05/22/2021


On Saturday night, Skeeter Creek brought more than five hundred of their “Creek-Freaks” back to Frog Alley Brewing Company in Schenectady. This was the first of Frog Alley’s “Summer Concert Series.” With COVID mask mandates a thing of the past, it was refreshing to see a large crowd together enjoying live music.

The fourteen-month lockdown didn’t stop the crowd from having fun, although it did slow them down a bit. There was a large open dancefloor in front of the stage that sat empty through the first few songs. Singer, Dave Ahl invited people to dance and a few brave souls made their way to the floor. Before long the dancefloor was packed and people were dancing like it was 2019 again.

I may be wrong but I believe that this was the single largest in-person gathering for live music in the Capital District since March of 2020. It certainly felt great to have live music back. Frog Alley has a whole slate of upcoming shows including local favorites THE REFRIGERATORS this coming Saturday night (05/29). More information available at

Photo Gallery by Claude Sawyer

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