The Beat from Troy Music Hall #71, Bird is the Word

Over the last year, did you pay more attention to your backyard visitors? Maybe you hung a bird feeder or two and noticed the variety of birds that start to appear. You downloaded an app to help identify them, bought a pair of binoculars to help see them better…. and soon you found yourself in a war against the squirrels who are invading your feeders and taking precious seeds away from your friends! (Or is that just me? – Karen, editor)All of the videos in this week’s edition on the hobby of birding were curated by our Associate Director, Stacey Bridge. Whether you are an avid birder or a beginner, we encourage you to visit the Hudson-Mohawk Bird Club website for information on events and programming. Happy birding!

Jeff Goldblum Goes Birding

Actor and jazz musician Jeff Goldblum joins Birding with Charles host Charles Holmes in Central Park to discuss his new jazz album and search for the most musical birds. Charles is completely unaware of Mr. Goldblum’s acting career, and at 3:35 into the video, you can watch his dawning awe as he realizes he’s talking to someone who’s been in a recent Marvel movie. Ha!

Do You Recognize Yourself?

Die-hard birders (and their significant others and friends) will relate to Jason Kessler’s parody (or maybe documentary?) entitled Sh*T Birders Say.

I Like Birds!

Bird Songs with Maria Schneider

One of our favorite jazz artists to play the Hall, Maria Schneider, is inspired by the sounds of birds. In this video, Maria and fellow musician, Theo Bleckmann, experiment with bird sounds, from the melodious to the downright strange.

From All About Birds, read how Maria uses these inspirational sounds: “Schneider’s light, translucent style of orchestral jazz, a sound she sometimes accents with bird calls, has prompted glowing reviews from around the world. She admits her twin passions for birds and music feed an obsession to translate flight into sound.”


Robbie, a birder living in California, is so committed to feeding her hummingbirds, she buys sugar in 25-pound bags! Her commitment to these birds is next level.

2021-2022 Season so Far! More to Come!

Sara Evans
Sun, Oct 3, 7:30 PM
Postmodern Jukebox
Rescheduled! New Date – Thu, Oct 28, 7:30 PM

Backyard Birds

Does this bird visit your birdfeeder? The Red-bellied Woodpecker actually has a slight blush of red on its abdomen, so the name actually fits. Learn this and other fascinating facts about this common east coaster from Lesley the Bird Nerd.

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