MAY 31: The Daily Flashback

1859: In London, Big Ben went into operation.
1884: Dr. John Harvey Kellogg patented “flaked cereal.”
1917: The first jazz record, “Darktown Strutters’ Ball,” was released.
1941: The first issue of Parade: The Weekly Picture Newspaper went on sale.
1961: Chuck Berry opened Berry Park, a 30-acre amusement park in Wentzville, Missouri.
1964: The Dave Clark Five made their debut on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”
1976: The Who set the record for “World’s Loudest Rock Band” when their show in London measured 126 decibels.
1977: In the U.K., the Sex Pistols’ single “God Save the Queen” was banned by the BBC and the Independent Broadcasting Authority.
1998: Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice) announced that she was leaving the Spice Girls.
2005: Strawberry Field (no s), the Liverpool orphanage which inspired The Beatles’ famous song, was closed by the Salvation Army after operating for nearly 70 years.

1819: Walt Whitman
1923: Ellsworth Kelly
1930: Clint Eastwood
1938: Johnny Paycheck
1940: Augie Meyers
1943: Joe Namath
1948: John Bonham
1954: Vicki Sue Robinson
1962: Corey Hart
1972: Christian McBride

2000: Johnnie Taylor
2004: Robert Quine

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