NIPPERTOWN EXCLUSIVE: Under the Den premieres their new song, “On the Run”

Nippertown is stoked to announce an exclusive pre-release of Under the Den’s latest single, “On the Run.” Releasing everywhere online on June 15, hear it here first by clicking on the embedded track! Read below for a brief look into the song as well as an interview with the band:

SARATOGA SPRINGS — An interlocking punchy bass line intro bolstered by a two-step drum rhythm, and guitars that sound like horns in some parts and crunchy overdriven goodness in others? What is this I’m hearing? Well, in this case, it turns out to be Under the Den’s latest effort: their single, “On the Run.” Madison Lewis, their lead singer, crafts words that float under and over the wall of sound production created by Under the Den’s very own Benjamin Zoleski. The song’s lyric weaves a tale of a woman on the lam after shooting her significant other in a crime of passion. Curiously visceral, and with a beat that is infectious and guitar solos that make this fellow musician realize he forgot to practice today, this tune is sure to garner the attention of fellow musicians and music-lovers, alike. You will be able to listen to this song on any online music site of your choosing (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, etc), when it releases on June 15.  I was happy I had the chance to sit down and have a chat with Benjamin and Madison over the weekend.

What follows was an insightful discussion on the band’s songwriting process, as well as future plans for their project:

Lucas Garrett: Thank you, guys, for sitting down with me tonight.

Madison Lewis: Thank you for having us.

Benjamin Zoleski:  Yeah, thanks for having us.

LG: Talk to me about the song a little bit. Who wrote it? How’d it happen?

BZ: So, the way that this song comes about was kind of like a good chunk of our other songs; we start with a musical idea and then it kind of blossoms out from there. Then, Madison puts her sauce on it – that lovely sauce that we all crave – and really kind of makes it into a song. Before she gets her hands on it and does her thing, it’s just kind of like a bed of music. Madison really makes it into a song, if that makes any sort of sense. But, I’ll let her tell you more about her process. She’s really the mastermind behind what makes this song, I think – especially this one.

ML:  I mean, I don’t think that I would echo that sentiment one hundred percent, but, I do feel like our process is so dependent on collaboration. For me, the process, again, like Ben said; it starts with them; they set this foundation and I kind of beat the song into my head. I just listen to it over and over. I’m not classically trained. I don’t know how to read music. I don’t know how to write music. So, I just continue to listen to these recordings of them playing this song, and I try to hear the story that is there – the energy that’s speaking to me – and put words to that. In this case, it really was a story. It was a fictional tale about a woman who had enough and made a mistake and decided, “well, I’m not going down like that. I’m going down in my own blaze of glory.”

LG: It was a very interesting story. I’ll definitely say that. What do you normally draw from, lyrically? That couldn’t have come from nowhere, right?

ML: No, I wouldn’t say that it came from nowhere. I mean, my creative sources are varied, I suppose. You know? Anything that I experience or see can strike me in a way that I’m moved to just find my own spin in a creative way to sort of make it make sense in my head. In this instance, it was far less deep than that. I listened to the song and as I was listening to it over and over, I kept on hearing bits of a song by The Interrupters (“She Got Arrested”) that came out on the album previous. It’s actually similar in nature; they’re writing about a woman who killed a man because he was abusive to her. I don’t get in to anything like that in my story. It’s more a crime of passion. I don’t talk about it being motivated by anything. But, I guess in hearing those bits of that Interrupters song as I was listening to our song, it’s like, “well, what if the story was a little different? How would it go? How would you hear it?” And, this is what came out.

LG: Well, I really like it. Great job.

ML: Thank you!

LG: What are you guys up to, aside from the song? I know that things are starting to open up now, right?

BZ: Well, we got the song coming out on June 15. We’ve been doing a lot of writing, you know? At the height of the pandemic, we weren’t really able to get together, but slowly and surely, things were getting a little bit more safe. We started to practice in a distanced manner; being smart about it. We just started writing, and we’ve been able to write quite the variety of new material after our first EP. We’re starting to get gigs and we’ve been lucky to have semi-regular bookings at Pauly’s Hotel down in Albany, which has been lovely. We have a couple other gigs coming up: one at Spa City Tap and Barrel, in Saratoga, on June 26th, and a couple other dates throughout the summer. We’re really focusing on getting our original material recorded and out there. I feel like as a group, we’ve really turned the page as far as the tunes we’ve been writing. I feel like we’ve definitely all grown in our writing and in our chemistry. I think the focus is really on cementing that. Madison, do you have anything that you would add to that?

ML: I agree with everything you said. After we started working together in a socially distanced manner during the shutdown, we hadn’t been working for a little bit. Ben was on his incredibly successful tour; the School of Rock Musical across the country. In getting back together and working together, this creativity just blossomed out of us, and snowballed into all of this. I don’t want to sound too full of myself, but it’s just really amazing material. I’m so grateful that I get to work with these incredibly talented men and that we make this – to me, anyway – magical music.

LG: Yes! I worked with Ben, so I know how fucking awesome he is.

BZ: Thanks, man.

LG: Before we wrap this interview up, is there anything else you want to touch upon?

BZ: My biggest thing is that I hope people enjoy this new thing: this new material that we’re coming out with. I hope that things will open up a little bit more. It’s really encouraging to see that these bands are coming back around – especially original bands. I think, you know, as much as there’s a need for your cover bands – your Skeeter Creek, all of those – there’s also been a big hankering for original music to come back, and I think that it’s finally starting to come to fruition. Which is very exciting. You know, it’s not completely open yet, but we’re on the way.

ML: We are super excited to try and fill that void for original music in the 518.

LG: Thank you, guys, so much for sitting down.

ML: Yes!

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