Caity Gallagher releases “Give It All” today


ALBANY — Caity Gallagher is back, in all her whimsy, with a new release.

The singer/songwriter released her newest single, “Give It All,” this morning on all streaming services. It’s her latest release since “Pressed Flowers,” which dropped in December.

“Give It All” boasts the sound that makes Gallagher so uniquely her; vocals that feel light and magical, but still showcase power and emotion. The song, which touches on the feelings one has when they’re ready to jump into a new relationship but still feel some boundaries preventing them from fully investing, rings in at a little over three minutes.

“When you’re in that headspace, you don’t know if you’re catching those roadblocks due to past experiences or if it’s because you aren’t as in tune with yourself as you should be,” Gallagher said. “In the second verse, I touch on being that person to help a loved one navigate those roadblocks. We’ve all been on both sides of the equation, whether it be with a friend, family member or even a partner.”

Gallagher said the song came from a very organic place; she didn’t write in quarantine as much as she thought she would. As she sat down and was playing with some chord progressions, “Give It All” began bursting through the woodwork. The lyrics came later — at first, getting the melodic version down was the priority. The process is an earmark of her catalog.

Photo: Kiki Vassilakis

“Writing comes very all at once for me usually,” Gallagher said. “If I sit down in most cases, I can have a pretty cohesive piece pretty easily. ‘Give It All’ came in a two week block, so although it was a bit longer of a process than my other work, it kept me on my toes as I kept hashing it out.”

Gallagher also released an EP, Happens All The Time, in 2020. The EP, which showcases five originals, was another time where a lag helped her process a project. She and her team were one day from completing the EP’s recording when COVID-19 shut studios down. “Spring,” the second song, was actually a single before the release since it was the only song completely finished before the shutdowns.

“The process of getting shut down last year actually reaffirmed how time can change things because so many of those songs ended up coming out a little differently once we listened back later in the year,” Gallagher said. “It forced me to be more innovative with vocals and it allowed my team and I to explore options we didn’t think about in March. I think the process of releasing an EP during a pandemic really lent itself to the growth I’m experiencing now.”

Gallagher has two shows coming up; one on June 25 at Albany Distilling Company and one on Aug. 12 at The Linda. Both shows will feature her full band, who she affectionately refers to as Caity and the Gallaghers.

“A message that really stuck with so many people when I released ‘Spring’ was that everything was going to be okay,” Gallagher concluded. “The hopeful message of it resonated and it’s been something I’ve kept close.”

To keep up with Caity Gallagher, follow her on Instagram at @caitygallaghermusic.

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