The Beat from Troy Music Hall #73, Makeovers!

Can everything be improved? According to millions of videos on YouTube, yes! We all know the best part of any rom-com is the shopping montage where the heroine gets a sassy makeover. And! There is a reason home makeover programs enjoy immense popularity. There is something very satisfying in watching a rundown wreck being giving new life by tearing it down to the bones then building it up to some sort of reclaimed glory. This week we salute all sorts of improvements!

Unrealistic but Still Fun

Ah, the unrealistic movie makeover montage. So fake, so fun! In this clip from The Devil Wears Prada, we pretend that Anne Hathaway looks heinous. Stanley Tucci’s acting abilities are so good, you go along with it and believe he has the skills to transform her into a great beauty.

Good Bones

The complete home makeover – tear it down to the bones and build it back up! On the HGTV show, Good Bones, mother and daughter duo Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak rehab properties in their hometown of Indianapolis. They take the worse houses in the neighborhood and make them into beautiful and stylish abodes.

Improving the Beat by Tricking the Audience

Watch pianist Harry Connick Jr. improve his experience interacting with the audience. In a rather genius move, he manages to get the whole audience to clap on two and four! Please watch the video if you’d like that explained, it’s well done.

Improving Your Coffee Experience

Coffee lovers have many opinions on what makes the perfect cup. Here we offer you some potentially new ideas on how to achieve perfection, along with an educational video on different types of coffee drinks.

How to Make Every Coffee Drink

Prince Elevates Children’s Music

Prince was an amazing musician. This is an original song he helped create while working with the Muppets. He elevates and adds a touch of sophistication to music that is created to appeal to children.

2021-2022 Season – Just Announced!

Chris Thile
Sat, Oct 16 , 8 PM
The Lone Bellow
Thu, Nov 18, 8 PM

2021-2022 Season so Far! More to Come!

Click here for all the information on this online event!

Sara Evans
Sun, Oct 3, 7:30 PM
The High Kings
Rescheduled! New Date – Fri, Oct 8, 8 PM
Gregroy Alan Isakov &
Patty Griffin
Fri, Oct 15, 8 PM
Howie Mandel, Live!
Rescheduled! New Date –
Fri, Oct 22, 8 PM
Postmodern Jukebox
Rescheduled! New Date – Thu, Oct 28, 7:30 PM
The Moth
Rescheduled! New Date –
Fri, May 13, 8 PM

Just Dance!

BBC’s David Attenborough is back again this week. Here, he shows us the funny and rhythmic way bears groom themselves, transforming their winter coats into their summer look. Who knew the bears had so many good dance moves, they really groove!

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