The Truth Behind Art: Enzo Lontoc’s Path To Success

Majoring in art is often frowned upon by society and viewed as a useless major that will take the person pursuing it nowhere. However, majoring in art brings countless opportunities both job and life related.

Enzo Lontoc, a determined student at Colonie High School planning to major in digital art , knows about the stereotype of an art major, but his passion outweighs his care for what those think of him.

Photo by Annie Weiler

“They receive a lot of flack in the sense of memes, jokes, and stereotypes,” stated Lontoc. Lontoc doesnt let the fact that he walks around school wearing a flannel top while carrying art supplies define him as a person.

Enzo further stated, “Adults nowadays still don’t really see art as a lucrative field. They all want their kids to be doctors and pharmacists.”

Adults are worried that digital art isn’t a sustainable field of work. That’s not the case.

“The video game industry is growing tremendously and they need artists,” said Lontoc. New content comes from new artists, and this is a necessity in order to keep the public entertained.

Drawings/Paintings by Enzo Lontoc

Enzo has planned to become a video game artist, and oftentimes they make over $120,000 a year. Making this much money entails hard work. Luckily, Lontoc has that drive and passion.

Lontoc has taken art classes throughout high school in order to prepare himself for majoring in digital art.

Lontoc stated that Ms. Nielsen’s directed studio class has prepared him most.

“She’s helped me understand proportions, colors, and using different mediums that I wouldn’t have been comfortable with before,” said Lontoc.

Drawings/Paintings by Enzo Lontoc

Lontoc’s love for art shone through as he explained art phrases to me as if I knew what they meant. He didn’t seem to pick up on the fact that I had no idea what the words he used meant since his excitement overpowered everything in that moment.

Nielsen also ensured that Lontoc gets all the recognition possible for his talent.

“She’s written my letters of recommendation, she’s submitted my art for shows, and tried her best to help me get scholarships,” said Lontoc.

The love of the student teacher relationship is reciprocated by Nielsen.

“Enzo Lontoc is a student who follows his passion. He has identified what he wants to study and he spends his time working toward that goal. He constantly pushes himself to do more and do better,” said Nielsen.

Drawings/Paintings by Enzo Lontoc

Nielsen played a huge role in Lontoc’s growth as an artist. Lontoc credits the classes that he’s taken from Nielsen for making him a stronger artist, but also gives much credit to himself for never giving up on his journey.

“Art is about applying yourself and constantly making mistakes and learning from them and then pushing those mistakes to make an even better work in the future,” said Lontoc.

One must work hard to achieve their goals and Enzo understands this. He has taken the first steps in reaching his goal of becoming a digital artist by taking art courses, writing to a video game company, and applying to art colleges.

“When I was seven, I made this cute little letter to Nintendo. My mom helped me write it, she helped me package it, and then sent it off,” said Lontoc.

In his letter he wrote things that he wanted to see in a new game.

Drawings/Paintings by Enzo Lontoc

“When they wrote me back, they said how they can’t take unsolicited advice and that they were sorry which was heartbreaking for a kid. But they did say we have this school in Washington and we think you would be a great fit even though you’re seven, and it was DigiPen, one of the schools I applied to,” stated Lontoc.

Lontoc has wanted to pursue digital art ever since he was a child and that passion isn’t seen in many.

Enzo has also applied to and gotten into SCAD. SCAD offers both an amazing art program as well as a fresh start for Lontoc due to the location of the school.

“There’s multiple campuses, one in Atlanta and one in Savannah. I think I can see myself living and thriving in Georgia,” said Lontoc.

Drawings/Paintings by Enzo Lontoc

Enzo spoke about SCAD in a way where it felt like he was already there. His enthusiasm about his future was shown from the way he spoke to the shine of his bright smile.

Lontoc proves art to be a serious major leading to countless opportunities. His passion for art is strong and admirable. Anyone planning to follow in Lontoc’s footsteps must note his work ethic and aspire to have the same drive.

Enzo teaches us that in order to be successful in art, there must be a constant failure with constant determination. That’s exactly what Lontoc did, and that’s why he is on the path to a successful future

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