Hasty Page releasing new single, “The Wire,” on June 25

QUEENSBURY — Hasty Page is marking its re-emergence to the scene after a year of lying low with a new single that pays homage to the 518.

The band will release its newest song, “The Wire,” on June 25. The new tune will be available on all major streaming services. 

“The Wire” is a love song to the area the trio holds dear. As all three men are Queensbury natives, the group is keenly aware of the beauty that is upstate New York.

“I was having a conversation with my girlfriend the other day about the beauty of this area,” Josh Morris, drummer and lead vocalist, said. “We have all of these amazing sights so close to home: the mountains, the vivid sunsets, apple orchards, beautiful lakes, all four seasons. We all have such immense appreciation for this place we call our hometown and we know how fortunate we are to be from here.”

The nostalgia of the 518 takes on new meaning when you consider the locations of Hasty Page’s members. While Morris is holding down the fort in the Capital District, guitarist Zane Agnew recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee and bassist James Paolano recently graduated from college in Boston, but is currently spending time in Los Angeles. While Paolano plans to eventually migrate back to the area, Agnew’s permanent move reiterates the dedication of three men who said despite the promise of their respective solo careers, they know they have something rare when they play together. 

Photo: Hasty Page

“When we play together, it just clicks,” Paolano said. “We’ve all had horror experiences where we meet people who are either not as serious about the music as we are, or it ends up just not being a good match. From the moment Zane and Josh invited me to join Hasty Page, the three of us clicked. Making music together is just something that has always made sense, regardless of where we are. It’s something that always was better when the three of us are together.”

The band indicated “The Wire” is one of five songs coming up on a new EP; while Hasty Page re-released its debut project, The Coming of Age, in March of last year, the last time the band released a full, original work was its 2019 album, Things To Do Before I Die.

Paolano said the EP is a collection of songs that were written but shelved in the years since Hasty Page was formed. Adding there is no method to the way the albums are gathered beyond the time the songs were written, the bassist said these songs will showcase a lot of the influences Hasty Page has drawn upon in the time it has been a solid unit.

“As much as the pandemic really sucked so much for everyone, it only amps up the excitement for us to release ‘The Wire’ and be able to play music for people again,” Agnew concluded. “Josh and I had the pleasure of playing with Julia Gargano earlier this month and it was refreshing to be performing again. I know the three of us are so excited to be able to play together.”

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