North Colonie’s Hayley Whitsett and Aiva Geracitano release new single “Better Than That”

After countless hours of hard work and determination, Hayley Whitsett (age 17) and Aiva Geracitano (age 18)  released their single “Better Than That,” on June 4th. This pop song both written and sung by Whitsett and Geracitano is filled with positive lyrics alluding to being confident in oneself, and realizing that you are better than “that.” 

Whitsett and Geracitano met in sixth grade while attending school in the North Colonie Central School District. They immediately became friends, and ultimately their shared passion for the art of music only brought them closer. 

Despite only being seventeen and eighteen years old, Whitsett and Geracitano have a deep love for creating music together, and they are certainly talented at doing so. When COVID – 19 struck, their passion for this only grew fonder. 

“I’ve been doing music forever but when COVID hit that’s kind of when I decided that I wanted to go into music. I had a lot more time on my hands, and in a normal year, I didn’t really have time to pursue music on my own,” stated Whitsett. “I’d say the same for me. I always wanted to do this since I was young, but I never really started doing it until COVID came,” added Geracitano. So, I guess we can thank COVID – 19 for allowing Whitsett and Geracitano to focus more on music because without it, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to listen to their fantastic song “Better Than That,” on repeat. 

“Better Than That,” may just seem like a new pop anthem, but the lyrics have a much deeper meaning. “We both went through some tough relationships, and I feel like that really inspired a lot of the lyrics in the song. The lyrics are like affirmations to yourself,” said Geracitano. We can expect similar messages in their future music as Whitsett followed up with saying “Going forward I want to make music to boost people’s confidence, and take people out of bad places.” 

 While “Better Than That,” is the only released song Hayley Whitsett and Aiva Geracitano have together at the moment, it definitely will not be the last. “We definitely want to make more music together. I think me and Aiva think of each other as lifelong music partners. Right now we are not working on anything new, but we do have a lot of unfinished things that we should probably get to working on, ” laughed Whitsett. 

As Whitsett and Geracitano move on with their lives, they unquestionably will continue to bring music with them. Both Hayley and Aiva have committed to pursue music at Berklee College Of Music for the next four years, and plan to achieve their extremely similar goals while enrolled there. 

“I would like to become an independent artist who can go on tour to perform my music and collaborate with other artists,” said Geracitano. “I want the same thing, but I want to be able to do it all. I want to be able to produce my own music, and “manage” myself,” Whitsett further stated. 

Hayley Whitsett and Aiva Geracitano undoubtedly have a bright future ahead in the music industry. Between their incredible perseverance to push through the challenges that come with writing, singing, and publishing their own music, and their obvious natural talent, these girls will “make it.” 

To stream their latest single, search “Better Than That by Aiva Geracitano and Hayley Whitsett” on Soundcloud, YouTube, Amazon Music, Spotify, or Apple Music. Be on the lookout for more music from these extraordinarily talented girls. You wouldn’t want to miss it. 

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